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After Effects UI (not preview) is lagging

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John Brookhouse
After Effects UI (not preview) is lagging
on Apr 12, 2020 at 12:01:29 am

Hey there!

I'm hoping someone here will have an idea about why my After Effects UI suddenly is lagging. To be clear, I am NOT talking about my preview. I'm talking about how AE responds to inputs like mouse clicks and keyboard strokes.

For example, if I click on a keyframe it takes nearly a second for the keyframe to change to blue. Or when I hit the spacebar it takes a second or so before the preview actually starts. Or if I try to "snap" one layer to another, I get them lined up, release my mouse, move my mouse, and then the layer moves too (because it registered the mouse moving before it registered the mouse release, even though the release was first.

I usually move through my editing at a pretty fast pace, so these lags are resulting in all kinds of problems because I'm moving faster than AE is acknowledging my actions.

I know this likely isn't an After Effects problem, but rather a CPU problem. However, I'm really only having issues with AE.

Any thoughts about what I can try to alleviate this problem are appreciated.

A few notes:
* I work in AE all the time, and I'm doing basic 2D stuff, so I can say confidently that this isn't how AE typically acts.
* I have an i9-7940, GeForce RTX 2070 Super (8 GBs), and 64 GBs of RAM (only 6 GBs reserved for other apps).
* My mouse is a Logitech G502 Hero, my keyboard is a Corsair K95, and I also use a Razer Tarterus V2 in my workflow. All three are having lagging input in AE.
* AE is installed on a SSD, project file is on a NVME, and memory/disk cache is on another NVME.
* I have purged my memory and disk cache. No effect.
* AE was last updated 24 days ago, and there are no new updates. I wasn't having this problem yesterday, so that's not the issue.
* Graphics drivers are the latest version and have been since March 23rd.
* I hadn't yet installed Windows 1909, so I tried that. No effect.
* I noticed some dust on my CPU fans so I vacuumed all of that away. No effect.
* I tried aiming a fan into my CPU case in case there was a heat issue. No effect.

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Graham Quince
Re: After Effects UI (not preview) is lagging
on Apr 18, 2020 at 1:14:35 pm

Not something I can say directly, but see what happens if you disable hardware acceleration. It might be AE is not really able to use your graphics card - even if it says it is.

And make sure there's no virus scanning going on in the background.

I never had an issue as bad as you have described, but when I had it on a laptop I struggled. I borrowed my wife's desktop (almost identical spec) and it flies in comparison. - Free FX for amateur films - FX blog

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