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Organizing the composition

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Polina Korneeva
Organizing the composition
on Jan 16, 2020 at 1:53:25 pm

Hello everyone, I’ve run into problems with seemingly basic stuff although I do have some experience with AE. I’d appreciate if you could help me out.
It's gonna be long but it should give you a good idea.
Say you have about 50 images and you want to apply the effects and synch them with music. You cut the images around the same length, then create an adjustment layer and mark the beats, add the effect (in my case it’s zoom and rotation), then copy the keyframes and paste them evenly throughout the entire adjustment layer. This should make the process easier cause you’d be able to move the images freely without the need to change the effects, or so I thought.
The problem is that when you have 50 images and move them around, you have to scroll all the way back to the adjustment layer to make sure the images are placed correctly underneath it and match with the keyframes.
Then you also get the issue of the timeline getting clogged. Say you want the image to be in the beginning instead of an end. You move it but then you have to do something with the image that was there previously, and if you have few images in a composition you can just put the unused ones at the bottom or move them to the end of the timeline. But if it’s 40 something images, moving each all the way down is hell, I’d rather have it on the timeline so I can asses it anytime. But it’s inconvenient and clogs the timeline, like I’ve said, because these images tend to appear at random places when you play the preview (so annoying!! >:O) . Is there a more efficient way to organize them?
I tried creating a separate comp where I could keep the unused images to copy them later, but it’s not convenient either (sorry I’m for being pessimistic), cause every time you paste from your main comp into this separate comp you have to sequence all the layers in the separate comp to be able to scroll through them. And if there’s like a hundred of the images to choose from, it’s hell too, cause I sort of want to scroll through them and I have to sequence them every time I paste an image.
If I’m not wrong one way is to precompose the images and organize them in the Project window… But I feel like there’s no point in precomposing images, I think it’ll just slow down the preview later.
What would you guys do?

Please find the screenshots down below in case it might be of help

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Ken Teutsch
Re: Organizing the composition
on Jan 16, 2020 at 2:07:50 pm

I'm sorry if I'm not entirely clear on the problem you're describing, but...

Couldn't you just turn off the visibility and shy the layers you want to temporarily get out of the way?

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Cassius Marques
Re: Organizing the composition
on Jan 16, 2020 at 7:21:05 pm

I'm feeling that your problem is arising from the way you're approaching your work. As I see you have an audio that you're syncing photos to. You are doing the syncing AND doing the effects as you go. One would usually rely on cutting things up and spacing things around in premiere to have a better feel of what should be showing and when. Premiere is a lot faster and has the panels and responsiveness we expect to be able do that.

There are a million little things I could try to tell you that would help a bit, for example I use shortcuts that are linked to scripts that automate basic functions like switching two layers up (either in time, space or both). This avoids having to drag things up and down a lot. But you still need to do it eventually since you're changing durations around.

If you are keeping to this workflow, just make sure you're using the keyboard shortcuts available so you can avoid - most of - AE's UI clumsiness.

Cassius Marques

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