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Is there any way to key this easily?

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Stefan Worc
Is there any way to key this easily?
on Aug 23, 2019 at 1:34:04 pm
Last Edited By Stefan Worc on Aug 23, 2019 at 2:16:27 pm

Hi folks I'm trying to key/rotoscope a scene. And its really a pain in the .... !
The task is....create a mask that only contains the dress of the girl who is moving through the field....and exclude the balloons and the cords.

The clip I'm talking about can be seen here:

btw....Why do I only need the dress? I need to colorize it into 20 different colors. To do this I'm thinking of first giving it a neutral grey tone and then screen a colored masked layer to it. With a little bit of adjustment this works wonderfull!

I tried Mocha Pro 2019, I tried After Effects Rotoscoping. I also tried changing color in After Effects....and a lot of other keying PlugIns for AE....but this is really complicated. I just try to find out whats the best solution for examples like this because in the near future I need to do more of stuff like this and it really has to be done as fast as possible. For the keying quality....It has to look nearly perfect in 720p.

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Andy Engelkemier
Re: Is there any way to key this easily?
on Aug 23, 2019 at 2:43:55 pm

Have you thought about just skipping the rotoscope? Since your object is only one color, you can select the color. The only thing that will give you an issue there is the balloon that has a similar color. So eliminate that with a simple mask.

You Might even be able to just use one effect, Change color.

I'd make an adjustment layer above your footage. Draw a mask that covers the dress in all frames. You can animate it a Little if you need to, but it doesn't look like it would be needed.
Apply the Change color effect, select pink to change. Adjust the accuracy since it's not all the same pink.
Then go nuts changing your colors.

There are more ways to do this, but they would be similar. You Really don't need to rotoscope that though.
Rotoscoping is needed if your subject crosses a bunch of other background objects, or if your object is made of lots of pieces. Like, if you wanted to desaturate everything Except for your character. (that's an overused effect, but a good example).

Also, only 720p? That's already a bit dated, so unless you know your output screen is a device that will only be 1280x720 then you should edit higher if you can. This actually makes tracking easier also.

But rotoscoping is Always a pain in the butt. It always has been. Some points track fine, some don't So there's lots of manual work. It's better than it used to be. But it's still the most time consuming part of effect creating, so don't do it unless you Have to.

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