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Eye tracking issues (Using Mocha Pro, but open to other options)

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Greg Sage
Eye tracking issues (Using Mocha Pro, but open to other options)
on Jun 7, 2019 at 3:58:21 am

Problem 1: Stabilize footage of sitting subject straight ahead subject such that their eye socket is perfectly locked in place.

I've tried with AE tracking, warp stabilizer, Mocha. Looked into but not used a few others.

The problem I always run into is exactly how to track them. Specifically, I want the eye socket to remain motionless despite the fact that the lids are blinking, the pupil is moving, etc. I've tried:

Tracking across the entire eye: Always freaks out for blinks, and often moves for other expressions like raising of eyebrows, etc. Too much movement overall even if I skip blinks, etc.

Tracking just the white corners of the eye: Again, too much movement. The head ends up bouncing around because they had a slight eye movement.

Tracking various head points: I've done a lot of this now from points above the temples to points on top of the head. This tends to be much more stable as it is somewhat isolated from both facial gestures like raised eyebrows and from the movement of the jaw. Overall, though, after dozens of attempts, I'm still not happy with the eye movement.

Anyone got a better approach for this? Next time, I'll see if I can actually put tracking dots on the subject's face, but for now, trying to make existing footage work.

Problem 2: Roto of eyes falls apart on blinks. Using Mocha Pro, and I find myself continually setting keyframes manually before and after each blink. There are LOTS of blinks, so it's quite a bit of work. Wondering if there's a better approach, and also not quite sure what I should be doing for the blinks themselves. If the shape is brightening the eyes, for instance, I need it to do nothing when closed. Should I just be flattening the shape during the blinks, or something else to ensure it's off when eyes are closed so no further AE keyframing necessary?

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Mark Whitney
Re: Eye tracking issues (Using Mocha Pro, but open to other options)
on Jun 7, 2019 at 5:49:46 am

I'd suggest posting a couple frame captures at least.

Had an eye line correction project awhile back. Subject was not only whip-moving her head at the head of the shot, but removing sunglasses at the same time. Think I mostly had to track the forehead & cheeks.

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