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Powerful laptop struggling with basic text animation

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alex ezorsky
Powerful laptop struggling with basic text animation
on Mar 24, 2018 at 2:38:03 am
Last Edited By alex ezorsky on Mar 24, 2018 at 3:11:48 am

Recent mac convert, just purchased this "insane deal" powerspec 1510 with 7700hq and a gtx 1070 working of the 960 EVO 250GB nvme (16GB RAM).

I was very impressed with how it previewed my highly complex footage based project, and as per the task manager I could see AE was using all of my beefy CPU.

But today I was instructing some clients on how to use AE, and they were using relatively "dinky" lenovo thinkpad X1 yoga (2nd gen) machines with i7 7600u and HD graphics 620 and 16GB RAM, and my assumption was that they'd be the one struggling. But to my surprise, on a simple project we were all doing demonstrating per-character text animation when we all hit preview their machines blew through in realtime on the first go, while MY machine took twice as long chugging through at half fps.

I went back to microcenter to see if something went wrong with my machine, they couldn't find anything wrong.

I double checked we had the same default AE settings, same RAM allocation, same cache going to the SSD both plugged into AC.

The only weird clue I have right now is that when previewing my complex footage based comp the CPU goes to 100% and RAM goes to 10GB while nothing else does much.

But when when sluggishly previewing the text only comp my CPU peaks at around 28% and my disk goes to 100%.

I turned off disk cache and this went away but the sluggisness persisted. The sluggishness also persisted when trying mercury software only.

Someone suggested it could be related to their CPU having a higher base clock speed?

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Michael Szalapski
Re: Powerful laptop struggling with basic text animation
on Mar 27, 2018 at 8:16:23 pm

That's rather odd. What exact version number of AE are you using?

- The Great Szalam
(The 'Great' stands for 'Not So Great, in fact, Extremely Humble')

No trees were harmed in the creation of this message, but several thousand electrons were mildly inconvenienced.

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alex ezorsky
Re: Powerful laptop struggling with basic text animation
on Mar 28, 2018 at 12:58:49 am

You...will...not...believe what seems to be the issue.


I checked every possible difference between my student's version and mine and the only difference was that mine used the bold font button in the character panel. I turned the bold off and voila realtime playback!

Is this not insane? Can you test on your machine if lets say a paragraph of text animated with lets say the "smooth move in" animation preset previews slower with the BOLD effect turned on in the character panel?

I've got these pics to prove it. Including a pic of my version (15.01). Do you think the 424 plugins is a problem? It's a fresh install.

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Steve Bentley
Re: Powerful laptop struggling with basic text animation
on Mar 28, 2018 at 4:40:30 am

If you aren't using the version of the font that is already set to bold and instead using a "forced" bold, depending on the font, there may be some heavy rasterization issues going on there. That particular font may not be optimized.
Do you see the same results with other fonts forced to Bold?
Try a font that has a bold face and a Regular in the suitcase, but do a time test with a Regular face, and then force bold on to it, then turn off the forced bold and choose the Bold version of the font from the suitcase. Do you get the same kind of results as with Calibri? Does the suitcase Bold render faster than the forced bold?

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