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Bar Chart Values Change Over Time

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Matt Pettit
Bar Chart Values Change Over Time
on Jan 2, 2018 at 3:40:09 pm

I'm looking to make a yes/no bar chart of which the values will change every second.

I have the yes and no values for 90 seconds in a list on a spreadsheet and wondered if there is a quick way to take them into after effects and make me an animated graph.

If not what would be the quickest way to make a graph for this?


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Kevin Camp
Re: Bar Chart Values Change Over Time
on Jan 2, 2018 at 7:43:10 pm

i'm sure there's a script out there, but if the values are simply numbers, then you could pretty easily hack your thru this...

if you want to try, try doing this:
  • add a slider control effect to a layer (I'd add it to the text layer that will contain on of the sets of numbers).
  • add a key frame at the first frame, and then add another one second down the timeline (values don't matter)
  • and just so you can see those values in the text layer, twirl down the text properties to get to the 'source text' property, add an expression (animation>add expression) and drag the expression pick whip to the slider value. if you scrub in the timeline the text values should follow the values in the slider.
  • now, select the keyframes 'slider' property and choose edit>copy.
  • open a text editor (like note pad or text edit) and choose edit>paste into a new file.

you'll see some after effects header info and then your keyframe value info. if you were to change one of the values of a keyframe and then copy>paste that back into after effects, the keyframe value would change to the new value.

so, if you wanted, you could edit the spreadsheet a little (or better to make a new one to copy>paste from one to the other...) you could set up a column for the keyframes (measure in frames) and a column for the yes or no value. select those columns and copy>paste them into the copy of the ae keyframe data in the text editor. then do a select all in the text editor and paste that into the slider in after effects.

the slider values should change with the new data, and if the text layer's source text is linked to the slider value, the text layer should also update.

a couple notes:
depending on the text editor, you may need to make sure it is set to 'plain text' rather than 'rich text' (setting often found in the file or format menu).

also, in the spread sheet, if you leave the first column empty, start the frame number in the second column but make sure you include the empty first column when you copy paste, you should have the correct number of tabs when you copy paste into the 'plain text' file in the text editor.

Kevin Camp
Art Director

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Matt Pettit
Re: Bar Chart Values Change Over Time
on Jan 5, 2018 at 1:10:33 pm

It worked!

Thank you very much, brilliant and quick response!


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