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Does anyone know this transition ?

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Carl Matthews
Does anyone know this transition ?
on Nov 12, 2017 at 2:10:07 pm

Hi everyone, first post here and I was just wondering if anyone knows how to do this transition that is used a few times in this video on the link below. The image sort of twists and flys forward in 3d. Its the very first transition (with the image and text) and then it happens again at 0.37 seconds and 0.59 seconds. I would love to know how this effect is done, or even just know what the transition is called so I can buy a template. I have searched google but having no luck finding this style transition, hoping someone on here might be able to help me.

Thank Carl

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Erick Wright
Re: Does anyone know this transition ?
on Nov 14, 2017 at 6:51:23 am

You probably won't need to buy anything at all - not even a plugin. This is all totally do-able in raw After Effects. There's two ways. I'd recommend the second, but it involves 3D Layers, which I understand can be a little scary for some After Effects beginners.

1.) Pre-Compose everything, then simply add a Corner Pin Distort (Effects > Distort > Corner Pin) and just keyframe a bit of a zoom, but just adding a keyframe for all 4 points, extending all 4 points, and adding another keyframe. That's step 1. For the the twist, just animating movement on one side more than the other should work. The transition between them is literally just having around about the same type of movement on both. They've got Motion Blur, which really helps concealing cuts. To add motion blur to both the entire composition and that layer, do this.

You might have to press F4 to toggle between Switches / Modes. Or you can just press the "Toggle Switches / Modes" button - But who doesn't love a little bit of efficiency? The default motion blur should do fine, so leave it for now.

The 2nd part of the clip has a little more going on, though. Not only are we doing the corner pin, we're actually zooming it into 100% of the frame... Meaning that it has to begin as something less than 100% of the frame. This would mean that the video would be smaller in the frame, and surrounded by the black void, or whatever happens to be underneath that layer. To counter that, you can either start at 100% and end with a zoomed in version, which isn't something you'd want.

Or you can use Motion Tile (Effects > Stylize > Motion Tile) - Which will extend the edges of your video to a certain amount. Increase the Output Width and Height so that the video extends far enough to cover the composition, and then tick Mirror Edges. Mirror Edges, plus the motion blur will pretty much hide our little cheat. I mean, without going over frame by frame in the original video, you probably missed it on the original, ay?

That kaleidoscope effect is what we're doing here as well... Then it's just a matter of animating the movement so it ends with the corner pins being the same as the original dimensions of the composition, and we're in.

The rest of the transitions are just different animated distortions that all use Motion Tile to extend the frame.

If you don't like that and would prefer the 3D layer one, I'll absolutely post that too.

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