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chris brett
ae cc query
on Dec 17, 2016 at 10:15:14 am

Hi - am still using cs6 for a number of reasons and it has got to the point where I have lost touch with what is happening - in fact I dont really know how it all works anymore.

For instance - does the fab ray tracing function still work ( is it there even ? ) - I dont want to learn a related 3d program that hasnt got the same interactivity -- or has it ? -- have looked at tutorials on it and it lseems pretty clunky by comparison ( ? )

---- if you are on a subscription model can you even open previous projects if you havent paid that month ? - what happens if you stop paying ? --- I cant get used to this idea -- maybe I have misunderstood it --- loads of other queries as well......

---- also I get the idea its full of bugs - seen loads of complaints -- but is this more than cs6 ????

Has anybody got a link please to any really good info on this stuff?

Will download a demo later and take a look but I'm not convinced I am prepared to be paying every month just in case I want to open a file...

.... also where are the files stored --- are they on the cloud !!!! -- what about security ??????

----- hard to know where to start

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- chris ---

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Daniel Waldron
Re: ae cc query
on Dec 17, 2016 at 4:46:20 pm

Some quick answers to all your questions... My responses are based on my experience in CC 2015.3, which is currently more stable than CC 2017. Keep in mind that with CC you have access to all versions from CS6 to present.

1. Ray-tracing still works, but is still sloowww. C4D Lite has a bit of a learning curve, but is more powerful and works much more smoothly. Maybe take the time you wait for your ray-traces to render and watch some tutorials instead 😉

2. If you cancel, you have access to your projects for 30 days if you have a monthly subscription and 99 days on a yearly subscription.

3. I don't find 2015.3 to be any more buggy than CS6. Works very smoothly for the most part.

4. Link to FAQ

5. You don't need to store anything in the cloud. The only reason you need an internet connection is to install the software and then for Adobe to verify your subscription once a month.

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chris brett
Re: ae cc query
on Dec 17, 2016 at 9:03:38 pm

Hi Dan - thanks for this---- very useful.

----- a bit puzzled by the 30 day thing though -- if its not stored on the cloud why cant you open it ? --- and if Ae cc somehow just wont do it am wondering if you could open it anyway with the cs6 version you had before you upgraded ??

--- also wondering what would happen if you used it for a while a did 10 projects ( say ) - cancelled and then went back to these using your cs6 version -- do you know if it would open them please ??

------------ also am going to check out those C4D tutorials : ) ---- cheers

-------------------------------------------------------------------chris ---


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Daniel Waldron
Re: ae cc query
on Dec 17, 2016 at 9:47:00 pm

Adobe uses the internet connection to make sure your license is valid, but will allow you to be offline for 30 days before the license "expires." This is to ensure you don't pay for one month and then just run all the software on an offline machine.

If you own the standalone CS6, you can open any CS6 compatible projects even if your Cloud membership is cancelled. However, if you create a project in CC 2017, you cannot open it in CS6, just as you can't open a CS6 file in CS4.

If you cancel your membership, you won't lose any project files. You can still purchase it again at a later date or use them with another valid license. You simply lose your access to the software until you pay up again.

Hope that helps!

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