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Duik / Puppet tool with vector layers in (vector-)compositions possible?

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Sabrina Hochmuth
Duik / Puppet tool with vector layers in (vector-)compositions possible?
on Nov 10, 2016 at 11:22:27 am

Just to make sure if it is even possible:

I have shape layers (so they are vectors) in compositions which create a character...and the character rig is created with duik and the puppet tool.

When I scale the character up it gets blurry.
So I turn on the vector sun for the character compositions but this breaks the character rig...the animations of the body parts are still working but in completely wrong directions and it doesn't seem to be possible to make them move correctly again.

I started to deactive vector for the compositions and just make the vector shapes inside 300 % bigger, but they actually are not that crisp as with turned on composition vector.

By the way: I created the rig with vector turned off, will it work if I just set up the rig new but with turned on vector compositions? So was my only fault not to turn on vector in the beginning or are vector compositons not possible here anyway?

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Roei Tzoref
Re: Duik / Puppet tool with vector layers in (vector-)compositions possible?
on Nov 12, 2016 at 12:44:59 am

shape layers are continuously rasterized by default (the sunbrust icon). if you are going to use puppet with continuously rasterized layers, make sure you don't use any transformations after you set the puppet as this could lead to unwanted artifacts. if you need to scale,rotate,position the shapes with the transform properties, precomp the character and do it then.

this is from the help files:

Note: Don’t animate the position or scale of a continuously rasterized layer with layer transformations if you are also animating the layer with the Puppet tools. The render order for continuously rasterized layers—such as shape layers and text layers—is different from the render order for raster layers. You can precompose the shape layer and use the Puppet tools on the precomposition layer, or you can use the Puppet tools to transform the shapes within the layer. (See Render order and collapsing transformations and Continuously rasterize a layer containing vector graphics.)

Roei Tzoref
After Effects Artist & Instructor
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