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Subtitle Workflow Query (SRT Import, Export or any other method!)

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Melanie Keyzor
Subtitle Workflow Query (SRT Import, Export or any other method!)
on Nov 7, 2016 at 1:22:35 pm

Hello all,

I am trying to find the best workflow and was wondering if I can get your opinions please?

I receive a SRT file (which is just a text document, in this format from a transcriber and bring it into AE using this script:
This creates a single text layer with markers for each of the captions

STEP 2 (not necessarily needed but I like to see the cuts visually, and to help with my potential STEP 4)
I use this plugin to split that single layer into lots of text layers based on the markers

I make some adjustments to the in and out points as the transcriber has slightly misjudged some of the timings. I then get this signed off and this becomes my master subtitle set.

Now here are where my issues with this are:
I would like to have a STEP 4 where I export the layers as a new SRT to be sent off for versioning into other languages so that when I bring it back in it all matches my signed off tweaks - rather then the versioning being based on the original SRT that I received. I used this script to export:
However the problem seems to be that because the text is based on Markers, it doesn't read this and therefore gives me the timecodes with nothing in it. This is also related to my next issue...

As the text is based on the marker copy I am not able to highlight certain words (my work around at the moment is using the fill and setting the range to be word based and moving the offset). Is it possible to make the text live again or due to the expression it can only be edited within the marker?

Ultimately my next question is this - is there a more efficient way to do this?
I thought about an excel spreadsheet where you have the timecode in 1 column and then the caption in the next that the transcriber fills in. I looked at a few scripts that bring in excel data but none that were timecode based. There is a good one that imports AND exports which was brilliant. Do you think it would be possible to do this with excel? And would it base the text layers on the marker copy again? Just wanted to see what the opinions were before I tried my hand at making a script that could work (full transparency here - my scripting isn't very good so would take me a while which is why I thought I would ask on here first before I spent a few hours on something that might not actually be possible!)

Also I should point out that I'm doing this through AE rather than Premiere as I found Premiere to have very limited controls and there is a certain look to these captions that I am trying to create.

Any opinions would be much appreciated!
Many thanks

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