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How can I render my videos faster???

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Stephan Egli
How can I render my videos faster???
on Oct 25, 2016 at 5:20:27 am


It is currently taking me an average of 2 hours for every minute of footage I export from AE And my videos tend be around 12ish min long. However my first video I shot is around 18min. I definitely cant wait more then a day just to export one video! I am trying to upload 2-3 videos a week.

Some info about me and my system. I have a Windows 7, a 16GB RAM, 64bit operating system, 3.9Gh with a nvidia geforce 710 graphics card that I recently bought. I am rendering into a JPEG SEQUENCE at 24 frames per sec directly off of AE not Adobe Media Encoder. (cause I was told by a specialist that would be the fastest).

Also u should know that I shoot talk show type videos and upload it to Youtube. In my videos there is a green screen stationed behind me and my partner that I have there for every episode. Thats the only thing I use After Effects for. Things like keying etc. I did a few things like using an external memory for my cache, buying a new graphics card, using as much as my RAM possible towards After Effects and rendering at 25 frames so there will be less to render. But still it is slow. I cant put anymore RAM on my PC without it costing a fortune (I have no more slots available). So i'd rather not do that.

I got some advice from that specialist but I would like to hear from some more people.

Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Jeff Pulera
Re: How can I render my videos faster???
on Oct 25, 2016 at 2:48:43 pm

Hi Stephan,

Those render times are ridiculous. What format is the video? For instance, "AVCHD 1080p60" or whatever?

If your main effect is chroma keying, you should be able to get good results in Premiere with Ultrakey, then just export to H.264 for YouTube. Done. And it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to render per minute of video - I have no idea where the 2 hour thing is coming from, wow. Unless there are other filters/effects you didn't mention.

What is the actual processor model - how old is the computer? Storage can play a role - is the video on a fast,dedicated drive or is it all shared on the C: drive?

I just noticed you said you render at 25 frames. Or is it 24? You mention both. Are you in NTSC or PAL land? If footage is 29.97 and you are changing the frame rate, that can actually add a bunch of render time with the frame rate conversion, so you could be doing more harm than good with that.

Just checked specs on the GTX 710 card and that is not going to do anything for performance. It's a $40 card. Premiere loves CUDA cores and it only has 192, with slower DDR3 memory. A real upgrade would be a minimum of something like a GTX 760, with 1192 CUDA cores and DDR5 memory. I see them still available online for just over $100. That is older tech though, current is the 10xx series, like GTX 1060. Note that these larger cards do need a suitable power supply in the PC, maybe like 450-500w or better. There is such a thing as too much GPU, depending on the rest of the system components, need to have a balance of power. That will depend on what processor model you have.


Jeff Pulera
Safe Harbor Computers

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