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how to make instant copy of text clip

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Shams Haque
how to make instant copy of text clip
on Aug 9, 2015 at 12:32:42 am

I am new to AE had been searching for any tutorial how to make animated text template once and use it in the whole video clip only need to change the content, I found some video which is for later version of AE but not the one i am using which is 12.0 After Effect CC. It would be highly appreciated if some one can help me here with this , I discover that by duplicating the text clip i get a copy which is not an instant copy, it changes as soon as i change the text in first copy (original).
just for you to have an idea what i want to achieve (in case i am not being able to describe clearly what i want ) this is the video link I made in AE, i want to put title or subtitle for entire video which is 5 min long with cool effect created in AE, but dont know how.


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Filip Redaszka
Re: how to make instant copy of text clip
on Sep 11, 2015 at 1:16:41 pm

Make a new text (Layer -> New -> Text, for example), then click on a little triangle on this text layer. You can see more options, for example "Animate". Click on another little triangle, because there is another panel, for example with these options you can make text in 3d perspective or play with blur or scale, rotation etc. Also there are two types of Selectors. (you can see in the "Animator" group the "Range Selector" by default) The choice is personal, depends on your preference and reasons, because the first selector -> "Range Selector" is good for transition maybe and the second one -> "Wiggly Selector" is more crazy or longer and constant maybe. All selectors you can find in "Add" panel near to the "Animator" group. Sometimes there is a third option with "Expression", but this is more specific. If you add some new "Property", you can play with many different values, then a lot of effects. Of course most of them require keyframes (click on the timewatch icon, almost every property has this timewatch icon). You can add as many keyframes as you want, anyway it's good to have a concept. Select all keyframes, make them yellow, right click (or something with mouse, depends on computer(?)), find a "Keyframe Assistant" and "Easy Ease" or just F9. For more individual effects you can use "Graph Editor" (icon near to the timeline), make curves longer or shorter by clicking on keyframes points. Under the "Graph Editor" you can see many icons, click on the second one, so you can choose the type of Graph, anyway the most common one is a "Speed Graph". With these settings you can make a decent template and even there is no outside effects on it! With "Effect" panel is more and more options, very popular is Effect-> Stylize->Glow or Effect->Noise&Grain->Fractal Noise for example. Good to watch tutorials on these, very simple and powerful. Of course you can duplicate your text layer (cmd+d) and then change words with the same effects and keyframes. I hope this is in some way helpful, I don't know exactly what you meant, but anyway maybe it's similar. And maybe someone in the future will find it also. Cheers for understanding, because I'm not a native speaker. : D cool to discover this forum.


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