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altering a motion path over time

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James McKinney
altering a motion path over time
on Jun 11, 2013 at 7:03:10 am

I'm working on an animation of the Jet Stream.
I have been provided illustrator source for motion paths.
I am taking a single graphic arrow, and animating along these pasted paths.. as motion paths.
I'm using echo to make a continuous stream of the arrows following the path over time.

cool. works great.

now the problem:
I need to change the actual motion path OVER TIME
that is alter the path over time, not the individual keyframe/speed etc - but the whole shape of the path that all the arrows follow needs to alter.

Is this possible, I cant figure out any way to make an object follow a path and alter that paths shape over time?

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Tim Bentley
Re: altering a motion path over time
on Jun 15, 2013 at 1:16:17 pm

It's not really clear what you want to do - if it's only a single arrow, why would you need to change the path over time? The arrow can only be at one point at any given time, so changing the path over time is pointless. If you have several arrows, it's probably much easier to duplicate the path and make changes as needed for each arrow. Or is the path visible, and you want to move it around? In this case you need to set a keyframe for the 'Path' value, which will then let you animate the shape over time. It can be fiddly to select / edit individual points (quickest way is to select one of the path properties), and it's not a method which gives you much control but might be what you're after.

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Rowan Cloete
Re: altering a motion path over time
on Jul 4, 2013 at 11:31:19 am

Create a null object and paste the Illustrator path onto it to create a AE mask. The alter the shape of the path, place a keyframe on the mask shape property where you want to the path to start changing. Go the the last position where you want the change to be complete. Reshape the mask here. AE will interpolate to mask shape between these two points to give you a smooth transition of the path. To make the object follow the path, copy this mask's shape property into the position property of the object. AE will create keyframes of the position over time, that you can manipulate to speed up/slow down the object's travel (select all position keyframes, hold down alt and drag the last one to drag them all out evenly).

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Tim Bentley
Re: altering a motion path over time
on Jul 4, 2013 at 5:34:58 pm

Oh I see what the OP meant now (I missed the word jetstream!). Yeah do what Rowan says ↑

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