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What do you call this effect?

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Brian Smith
What do you call this effect?
on Jul 27, 2011 at 8:35:55 pm

Okay, I feel like a sad sack for asking questions on my first post, but I must. I'm trying to re-create a transition effect and I'm missing the mark. I've been trying to search on Creative Cow for help but I just don't know what to call it. It's part flare, part burn... I have Optical Flares for AE but I suspect this is the wrong tool for the job. They may be just some sort of lighting clip that has been screened over the original clip. I wonder if you guys would be so kind as to take a quick look at this short clip and help me identify this effect?

If you know a good way to do it and are willing to share the info, I would be greatly appreciative. Or, if you can tell me what this effect is called so I can do some research on my own, I would be equally appreciative!

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Bill Kelly
Re: What do you call this effect?
on Jul 28, 2011 at 12:48:21 am

This may be what you're looking for:

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Brian Smith
Re: What do you call this effect?
on Jul 28, 2011 at 12:52:44 am

Fantastic, Bill. Thanks so much for the link. With some color correction these will give me the exact look I need. Thank you!!!!

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Luis O Maymi
Re: What do you call this effect?
on Jul 28, 2011 at 1:08:33 am

Hello Brian

The link Bill posted are prebuild presets that makes life so much easier (thank God for those), but the effect is not that hard to do in After Effects. First create a new Red Solid and add the following effects: Hue/Saturation and CC Light Rays

After this you will need to animate the CC Light Rays using a couple of keyframes. I animated the "Intensity" and the "Color". I also animated the "Opacity" of the Red Solid. With the layer opacity you will be able to control the amount of color intensity of the transition (also the start and ending point). Here are the values I use: (Note: I use a 1920x1080 Square Pixels composition)

Check Mark "Colorize"
Colorize Hue: 0x +8.0
Colorize Saturation: 45

CC Light Rays
Intensity: This one have two keyframes. The first keyframe value is 0, the second keyframe (which is 10 frames from the first) has a value of 1300.
Center: 1888.0 38.0
Radius: 104.0
Warp Softness: 205.0
Shape: Round
Uncheck "Color from Source" and select a your desirable color. You will need to keyframe the color to make the color change from soft red to the yellowish color. This color keyframes must be the exact same distance as the "Intensity" keyframes (in my case is 10 frames). I use the following colors; first keyframe F8814D, second keyframe E7C731.
To increase the transition intensity, increase the opacity from the whole layer. The opacity keyframes needs to be animated at the exact same distance as the "Intensity" and "Color" keyframes (in my case 10 frames). Of course, the opacity starts at 0%, but when you want the transition to start, you make the first keyframe with a value of around 50% and the second keyframe with a value of 100% (so you will end with three keyframes in Opacity)

That how you do the transition from the video. Of course, why bother doing all this work when you can buy a pre made preset :-)

The meaning of a movie is in its characters, the life of the movie is in the music, but the magic is in the editing.

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Brian Smith
Re: What do you call this effect?
on Jul 28, 2011 at 3:03:03 am

Wow, thanks Luis! I'm going to try both methods. Your way of doing it will definitely give me a lot more control over things. I appreciate you providing so much detail!

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