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Labeling conventions

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Chris Zecco
Labeling conventions
on Mar 2, 2016 at 8:52:19 pm

Hey all,

Just wondering why everyone is using as labeling conventions within after effects projects. For example, color coding for different types of media, backgrounds, solids, etc.




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Dave LaRonde
Re: Labeling conventions
on Mar 2, 2016 at 9:19:30 pm

I put everything pertaining to a specific project into its own folder. That's the footage (in its own folder, "Footage"), the rendered animations (my "Completed" folder) and the project file(s). It may also contain project files from other applications, and other folders that some applications like to have.

The point is, everything for a project is in one place. I then give that folder containing all that stuff an appropriate project name.

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Greg C Neumayer
Re: Labeling conventions
on Mar 3, 2016 at 6:10:28 am

I've drifted to the following habits over time:

Project Window:
Only expose Comps that will be rendered. They all start with "_main". This helps others (or me-- 3 years later) navigate the project.
Keep everything else in folders, "MUSIC, VO, AI, and a catch-all: COMPS"

I like to give masks a fuchsia color/label. Things I'm not using but want to keep around are "none" labelled.
I group related animations by color, just to help me grab them all when needing to add just 10 frames of time to something before the next sequence.

--I call files, "ProjectName_1" so they increment correctly. I increment anytime I feel like it, or always if I've sent something to the client.
--Any renders that are for approval/comment are work-in-progress: "".
--Any re-renders of the same file (like failed renders or prematurely quit) are "" I add the b,c,d letter to let me know that it's just a re-render of the same file. This allows me to avoid the frustrating "file-busy" errors, or simply keep track of permutations that may be only output-module specific, when there were no actual changes to the AE file.
--Anything approved and delivery quality uses "r" for "render". e.g: "" This makes it easier for things to alphabetize, and when the project is done, I can safely throw away anything using "wip".
--Projects are in a ClientFolder (inside Dropbox), and are labelled "2016.2_ProjectFolderName" This keeps all my projects chronological.
--Projects that have been "Collected" get a green finder Label dot.

-- use "final" or "approved" in names. Everything is simply incremented, and can easily be revisited.

-- Projects that get sent to associate/subcontractors get a .dot increment to the naming until they come back home. For example, I start a project, "myProject_1", incrementing until "myProject_4". Then I send it to a subcontractor who also works on it. They save it as "myProject_4.1", "myProject_4.2" etc. When it comes back to me, I take "myProject_4.3" and promptly rename it "myProject_5", then "myProject_6", etc.

I'm sure there are other things I do that I haven't thought of. I'm interested in picking up some tricks from you all!

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