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Working with 4K - PROXY

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Kalyan Tagore
Working with 4K - PROXY
on Oct 3, 2015 at 2:16:03 pm

Hey all,

I've been working on a LOGO ANIMATION PROJECT. The output needs to be in 4K (2160 X 3840 - The video will be in 'Portrait' - Vertical). I am using 3DSMAX and AFTER EFFECTS.

I've tested working with 4K files to test if my computer is fast enough to handle it, its very slow to work with the HUGE FILE SIZES. I found a better way called 'PROXY' and it works fine.


1. WHICH PROXY is better to work with : is it TGA Seq or QUICKTIME ?
2. Is it OK, if I set my PROXIES as very small size like quarter of the 4K size - LOW in quality - (But with ALPHA channel),
3. Even if i could work with the smaller files, if I apply effects - or split the layers - will all my 'EFFECTS' would be applied to the 4K files, when I want to render the output in FULL 4K RESOLUTION ?

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Eric Santiago
Re: Working with 4K - PROXY
on Oct 3, 2015 at 4:16:23 pm

Are you creating layers from scratch within AE or are you bringing in vectors from another source?
I work in 4K up to 6K in AE and the only slow down I get is when I try to incorporate RED files in multiple layers.

I also deal with Digital Signage of all sizes e.g. sports venues, events, etc...

Need to know more specs on your system too.

The only time I will deal with sequential files is if Im rendering out of Maya.
QT as proxy should be fine and I have experienced 4K proxy h264 editing on a 2008 MBP Uni.

All your fx needs will transfer over if of course that effect supports a high res (most do but Ive ran into some that top out at 17000 pixels).

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Kalyan Tagore
Re: Working with 4K - PROXY
on Oct 3, 2015 at 4:57:46 pm

Iam using Windows, I-5 processor, 8GB RAM. (BTW I rented this computer to finish this job). These all are I know.

Iam using 3DS MAX, Iam rendering the 3D objects in TGA seq in 4K.
So obviosly all the passes like AO, Reflection, Lighting, ZDepth will be in TGA.

I'd to create some Backgrounds in After effects itself. I render the BGS also first in 4K.

THen I composit all the Shots together, to get final output.
I am not sure if I am giving you enough info to answer my queries.

SO do you say, it is best to use a QT for a proxy and NOT TGA Seq?

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Eric Santiago
Re: Working with 4K - PROXY
on Oct 3, 2015 at 5:24:20 pm

It all depends on the I/O of your computer.
If it can handle the TGA sequential files in RAM preview then your fine.
But once you start duplicating layers, compositing masks then effects thats where you will see the hit on your system.
Without knowing what your applying its really up to your experience.
As a workflow I honestly keep everything at high res since I work in typical Xeon PC Workstations (Dell/BOXX) and a slew of new Mac Pros.
They all average 32GB RAM and the PCs are loaded with older NVIDIA cards.
The slow down is the drive your reading the files from.
I would maybe flatten some layers if your ready e.g. render all passes into one layer in a proxy QT.

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Kalyan Tagore
Re: Working with 4K - PROXY
on Oct 3, 2015 at 7:37:57 pm

*** 32GB RAM *** ??? woww, tht sounds awesom..

Thanx for the reply Eric. I'll try using QTS.

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