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Tacking my text in this specific case?

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Kreatywna Krowa
Tacking my text in this specific case?
on Sep 21, 2015 at 7:25:42 pm


I need a tips, issue to solve my problem. I would like to get my text to behaves like the others part of my image. In a different words: I have a scene witha a plane. It brely moves buit moves. I would like to have a text directly lying on a wing. You know, camera tracker and that similar stuff which every filmmaker have to do

But everything goes wrong because I have a 2 cameras in my projects. It is hard to describe, so I made a video and I am showing it to you. Thanks for your help.

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Kalle Kannisto
Re: Tacking my text in this specific case?
on Sep 21, 2015 at 8:08:32 pm
Last Edited By Kalle Kannisto on Sep 21, 2015 at 8:20:32 pm

In essence, for placing 3D objects, your sequence of actions is backwards: you want to place the 3D text after you've created the 3D camera from the tracking data, not before. And then animate it.

IN THIS CASE: But, in this case it is highly doubtful that you even need 3D tracking data. 2D tracking the wing is likely going to work as well or even better, since you are only tracking some slight shake and the camera is not moving in relation to the craft itself. Although I wouldn't recommend this as the usual workflow, you can render out your Element layer as footage, 2D track a point on the wing, apply the tracking information to a null and parent the (Element) footage to the null and you'd be done.


As for doing something like this with the 3D Camera tracker, a better sequence of actions would be:

1) Track the camera
2) Set Origin Point and Ground Plane on the wing, at the point you want your text. This way your wing will align to the ground plane in Element.
3) Create 3D camera (from 3D Camera Tracker)
4) Place your text in the Element world center on the ground plane
5) Now the text should be in the right spot, but you may need to scale and rotate it on the Y-axis, possibly move it some on X and Z axis to get the exact position. (Don't move the text along Y axis, as 0 y is on the wing surface. And don't rotate on other axis than Y, otherwise you'll end up not being parallel with the wing.)
5) Animate the rest of the motion

I doubt it is going to do as good a job this way as 2D tracking in this case.

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Frank Feijen
Re: Tacking my text in this specific case?
on Sep 21, 2015 at 8:13:05 pm

How about precomping the text and cameralayers, 2d-tracking the wing in the original comp, and linking the precomp to the track?

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Kreatywna Krowa
Re: Tacking my text in this specific case?
on Sep 21, 2015 at 9:31:25 pm
Last Edited By Kreatywna Krowa on Sep 21, 2015 at 9:52:35 pm

Kalle, right.
But After read your tips I did it in a very similar way and it finally works.

I pre-compose my 3D text, background video and camera of it.
Then I did a track motion (not a "track camera"). I bound it to my 3D text pre-composition and it works.
So I hide one camera with a text as a one pre-composed layer and then bound new camera (from tracking) to my 3D text on "solo" layer. Something like this:
But everything was ruined. My text went to the different X.Y position in my project. But I add an effect called "Transformation" and everything easily repair!

Thanks for a tip!

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