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DUIK strange parenting

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Jonathan Tune
DUIK strange parenting
on Jun 18, 2015 at 11:22:57 pm

I've been using DUIK for a project, and though I have had little trouble with creating IK chains using the puppet pin tool, when trying to make a limb made of several layers it gets real weird. I've been following e.d. film's excellent tutorials, and keep running into the same problem

I have two legs, each made of a toe, foot, lower leg, and thigh. (The toe is not included in the ik chain, but is parented to the controller so it can be rotated easily.)

This is the character imported from photoshop. Layer order is changed and anchor points have been rearranged, but otherwise I did not change anything from the PS version. I did not, for instance, import one leg from PS and duplicate it. I've read about DUIK's issues with moving the limb from its initial position and then rigging it. Resetting the root's position to 0, 0 has not done anything for this problem.

I have already rigged the back leg, and you see it is working fine. The anchor points for the front leg have been moved to matching locations.

With the leg parented foot>lower leg>thigh, I create a controller at foot, then select them in the order foot, lower leg, thigh, controller. Then I create the IK chain. . .

. . . And it gets weird. The foot is offset a few degrees from the controller. This creates some weirdness when moving it, but nothing too horrible.

. . . but the real headache is that now, when I move the back foot, the front foot (which I just rigged) reacts as if parented in some invisible way, moving in approximately the opposite direction.

I've tried reimporting everything and starting over, this time rigging the front foot first and the back foot second. Same thing happens, but in reverse. Front leg works fine, but when I rig the back leg it is strangely affected by my front leg controller. I've had this problem with other rigs too, usually with sets of legs or arms. I suspected that it had something to do with the naming convention, but there are no repeated layer names in this rig. Each piece of the leg has "frnt" or "bck" in the name, so I don't know how DUIK could confuse one for another.

Here is the whole setup with shy turned off, so you can see that there is no unintended parenting going on.

Precomposing the leg layers and then rigging it in the precomp DOES work for this problem, but having to go into a separate composition for every movement adds significant drag to my animating time. Has anyone had this problem? I am at the end of my chain with these IK chains.


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