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Fitting problems with Mocha AE 3.2 after tracking

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Robert Hammer
Fitting problems with Mocha AE 3.2 after tracking
on Mar 25, 2015 at 2:56:16 pm

Hi Guys, I have a problem and I do not find a solution. At first I will apologize my bad english, but I am german and school is more than 35 years ago. So, if you have problems to understand me, I am sorry and I will do my best.If I do not understand you, I will aks again, so please, be patient with me :-)

Now to my problem:

I have a ".mov" footage, HDTV 1080 25 frames per second, 22 seconds long, 1920 x 1080 px and I wanted to make a scarface over the actors cheek.

So I imported the footage into a new comp and I paid attention, that the settings are correct and that there is no difference in aspect ratio and so on.

After the import of the footage, I had chosen the footage inner the comp, I went to "animation" and chose the function "Tracking with Mocha for AE" (I don't know, whether the Functionname is the right name, cause I use the german Version of AE, but I hope, you know, what I mean.)

So, Mocha for After Effects opened and showed me the window with the information about ".mov" footage. I controlled, whether the options about the framerate, the aspect ratio was ok and it all fit. I confirmed the settings and the clip was in the Mocha window.

Next thing I did, was, that I created the x splines for the scarsurface and tracked it with mocha. Sometimes I had to correct the path by hand during tracking from frame to frame, but after the tracking all looked well and moved smooth.

Next thing I did, was to push the "Surfaces to the corners of the image" Button and then I hit the "Export Tracking Data" Button, chose the "After Effects Corner Pin" and copied the data to the clipboard.

Without closing Mocha, I changed back to After Effects and pasted the tracking Data to the scarface, I made with Aftereffects.

But here is the result: The scarface does not fit to the place, I tracked in Mocha. It is offset about 100 to 150 pixels, I guess.

I have no idea, what I can do, cause all the data of settings are indentical as in the chosen clip.

I hope, somebody of your experts can help me.

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Robert Hammer
Re: Fitting problems with Mocha AE 3.2 after tracking
on Mar 26, 2015 at 8:15:31 am

Hi Guys. It is amazing. I solved the problem.
To show you, what I meant, I wanted to record a screenvideo. During recording the video, I worked for copying the cornerpindata from Mocha to AE not with the Buttoncombinations for drag and drop, I did so far, but with the edit menu.

And a wonder happened. With the edit menu for pasting the cornerpindata, the scarface is now placed on the right spot and moves perfectly like glued on the skin of the actor.

My conclusion from that is, that either there is a bug in the Aftereffects Software or I did something else, I did not do yesterday, though I could not see a difference in my work between yesterday and now.

However. The problem is solved and help not necessary, now.

Thanks for all, who spend thoughts for me and my problem.

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