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New Build, Slow Multithread render

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Aaron Pozzer
New Build, Slow Multithread render
on Jan 31, 2015 at 5:09:23 pm

So hopefully someone can shed some light here. I have a new system built, and Im rerendering a project to compare render times before, and now. specs...

i7 5960x
asus rampage v
32gb ddr4 2133
win7 x64

the render starts out ok with MTing, but then the other threads die. Im watching the task manager and i have 1 AE thread bouncing around between 20 and 50%, using 19gb of ram. i have 6 other AE threads using 0% CPU power and only holding about 300mgs of memory, aside from 1 which is holding 3gb.

the old render time completed in 12:20. cant recall if i was using MTing at the time. new system render time is 7:30, with AE reporting a frame error, try increasing the ram settings. current settings are...

-only for render queue
-installed cpus: 16
-installed ram: 32gb
-ram reserved for other applications: 3gb
-ram for AE: 29
-cpus for other applications: 2
-ram per cpu: 4gb
-actual cpus that will be used: 6

so, yes, that is a render time improvement, but im not so thrilled because all my render threads are sitting there uselessly doing nothing. my guess is that 4gb for 6 threads is not enough ram, and its choking, but thats just a guess. i dont know why it was starting using all threads, and then stop midway sending all the rendering one 1 thread. im sure someone here knows much more about MTing than me. i havent fiddled with different settings, and i dont have time right now, but maybe by the time i return someone will have made some suggestions. though i dont know that on my previous amd system, i avoided MT rendering because it never seemed fast enough and stuff like this was always happening. i thought with 32gb of ram, surely that would solve things... guess not. fortunately iv already planned to exchange this kit for 64gb kit.

anyway, any ideas? thanks!

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Walter Soyka
Re: New Build, Slow Multithread render
on Jan 31, 2015 at 10:20:08 pm

I think that your background processes are running out of RAM. Try setting the minimum RAM allocation higher, or try reducing the number of CPUs Ae uses by increasing the number of CPUs available to other applications.

Walter Soyka
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Aaron Pozzer
Re: New Build, Slow Multithread render
on Feb 1, 2015 at 2:37:09 pm

thanks Walter, i was going to try that after posting yesterday, but had to leave, so i did this morning. settings ended up giving me 3 cpus w/6gb each. that seems to have helped. render went from 12:20 on the old machine, to 7:30 yeterday, to 3:30. so, yesterday was definitely a lack of ram problem. overall render speed has definitely increased, but...

now here is another annoying problem, and i dont think this one is solvable. this is a very heavy scene, so when i load it up, i drop my playhead over a very complex part of the timeline to see how fast it loads up all the layers. again, watching task manager, it sits there with 1 thread working, bouncing around 10% cpu, slowly filling up the ram to about 18gb. clearly this is a heavy scene, but why is it only using 1 cpu at 10% !?!? it took like 45 seconds to draw 1 frame at half res. like, ok, use 1 cpu, but at least use all its power! whats up this this?

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Michael Szalapski
Re: New Build, Slow Multithread render
on Feb 4, 2015 at 7:21:13 pm

Hopefully the rewrite that AE is undergoing will help solve issues like this. What sort of effects are in your comp? What kind of footage items are in your comp and where are they located? Some things will only work on a single core, but, as you've noticed, sometimes that's not the only issue. Sometimes the bottleneck isn't the processor or RAM. Sometimes it's the hard drive. Sometimes it's a bus somewhere in your system.

- The Great Szalam
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Aaron Pozzer
Re: New Build, Slow Multithread render
on Feb 4, 2015 at 11:31:06 pm

this particular project is realy complicated. plenty of fx, layers, pre comps, etc. There is no footage, only image layers. a few of the precomps are 4k, which im sure isnt helping. it also seemed to get alot worse when i stacked up 2 copies of lens distortion.

its running off SSD drives all the way, no HDDs. for normal stuff its usually fine, usage wise, but i noticed this performance issue with this large project in question and i wondered why it was so. some googling showed me its a common issue with AE. its annoying. hopefully the rewrite DOES fix it.

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