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Set image as shape?

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Alex Marlain
Set image as shape?
on Dec 12, 2014 at 7:58:46 pm

I apologize in advance if I haven't searched enough for the issue I'm having, and although I spent some times trying to look for the specific thing I need to do, I haven't found it. As a side note: I am entirely new to After Effects, so please forgive me and help me step by step. Thank you if you do.

Moving on..

I have downloaded a template that is supposed to be customizable. The template looks something like this:

First part:

Second part:

Third part: (This is the part I want to edit.)

Fourth part:

The third part shows most of it, and that's the part I need to edit.

I have a shape, and a circle layer. Now, the point of the shape where it says 'YOUR LOGO' is that I have to put an image instead of those words, onto the circle. Problem is with that, that the image doesn't show up on the Logo and Final animation. If anything, the edges do, but barely.

After trying to do what I wanted to do:


This is the 'placeholder' area.

As for the Logo animation.. This happens.

This is where the template was downloaded from:

(A youtube link.)
The idea is to replace the 'YOUR LOGO' shape with the image that is animated along with the circle. As in, it removes itself along with the circle. (The animation shows that the circle from the left upper corner slides to the down right one, disappearing. I want the same thing to happen to the image.)
If needed, I'll post more images. But please guide me step by step IF this is possible.

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Derek Boettcher
Re: Set image as shape?
on Dec 12, 2014 at 9:31:17 pm

There are a couple ways to go about this, one way is a more correct way, the other is a cheaper workaround.

For the correct way, you will need to get an editable vector image and copy its vector paths. From there you will past the vector paths as mask layers inside your circle. Change the mask(s) from add to subtract. That will create the negative space and leave the circle.

For the other option, you can create a track matte with the PNG you have. (press f4 to change between your settings and modes) Place your image directly above your circle layer and choose alpha inverted. This should create a cutout using the alpha properties of your picture. This is assuming that the background was left transparent in your original image (and not black or white). The problem with this method is that it won't necessarily create that vibration effect unless that is produced by an Adjustment Layer. If that is the case, you are in luck and just make sure the adjustment layer is above your picture (doesn't have to be directly above, just up there somewhere). That's the best I can tell you at the moment, hopefully that helps.

Derek Boettcher
Creative Management
BTH Media Group

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Alex Marlain
Re: Set image as shape?
on Dec 13, 2014 at 10:16:33 am

Thank you for the reply.

I'm going to try the first way, once I find out how to make my logo an editable vector.
But what I'm wondering is, will the vector be shown in colors? As in, mine is currently black, white, with a few purple and gray colors in it. Will those show up on the 'YOUR LOGO' area if I follow the first way?

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