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Tracking problems in AE and Mocha

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Kenyon Martin
Tracking problems in AE and Mocha
on Oct 29, 2014 at 10:44:07 pm
Last Edited By Kenyon Martin on Oct 29, 2014 at 11:15:48 pm

First of all thanks in advanced to all who reads this and helps me out. I would like to start of by saying i have been looking at tutorials for tracking in mocha and AE as well as doing extensive research to help fix this problem for about 3 days and i have not come close to finding the solution so i have no other option than to simply ask about the specific problem i am having which is this; I have a VFX shot in a short film where someone's head is cut off. I have the head removed and i am at the stage where i have to track the head or neck and add some raw meat. I have been trying to track this footage for 3 days with no progress. First i tried to do a simple motion track in AE and it was too shaky and jittery which ruined the effect. Although the basic motion was tracked i don't know how to smooth out the tracking points to get rid of the shakiness if that is even possible. I eventually gave up on tracking it in AE and decided to do it Mocha with perfect results on the first try however when coping the transform data from the clipboard and pasting it to a null object everything is all messed up. The null flies of to the left of the screen so i deselect the stopwatch on the anchor point and then reset it. Still doesn't help because when i parent the raw meat layer to the null the the meat moves way slower than the body therefore revealing different parts of the meat at different times thus ruining the effect. I have two questions... What can i do to smooth out the track in AE to get rid of the shakiness or how can i import the tracking data from Mocha accurately with the same speed and perfect tracking it has in Mocha? I plan to have this done by Friday morning at the latest to release my Short Friday night for Halloween. Once again thanks.

PS. I forgot to say this shot is on a tripod so there is absolutely no camera movement. I am not sure if this is the source of my problem with mocha but i have noticed every single tutorial i looked at had a moving camera shot in it which made it very hard to relate to my project.

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Roland R. Kahlenberg
Re: Tracking problems in AE and Mocha
on Oct 30, 2014 at 5:49:52 pm

If you removed the Anchor Point keyframes and reset its value then that's one part of the step (it should be noted that mochaAE CC2014 works differently from previous versions by not exporting the Anchor Point data). Your other options now, in AE, is to look at whether you require the Rotation and Scale keyframes. Often times, these two data types are not what you need - either you delete all the keyframes or a very basic, 2-keyframe manual solution does the trick.

As for smoothing out AE's own tracker data, you may want to track multiple times and then average out the tracking data using Expressions - do a COW search to find out the mechanics on this.

- Roland

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