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using plastic models

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William Parr
using plastic models
on Aug 26, 2014 at 9:13:41 pm

ok what is the best way to get movement out of a plastic model plane using a green screen. I'm not looking for realize right now, just trying to get the plane to look like its turing going up and down and doing rolls. going for something like they used in the old Godzilla days ( but worse). Do I move the plane or do I move the camera. I figured I need some sort of rigging system to hold the plane in place(fishing line or something) Just looking to get started. Thanks

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Doyle Lewis
Re: using plastic models
on Aug 27, 2014 at 4:41:44 pm

I haven't really done this myself, but I'm thinking if you want it to do rolls and such then you probably want to move the plane and not the camera. I would probably rig it to a stick. Paint the stick green if you don't feel like rotoing it out in post. I think the big thing to remember with this sort of shot is making the shot look like you filmed it in real life some way. this meaning:

1. don't let the shot look like macro photography. shooting miniature things tend to make your depth of field shallower. Try to keep the depth of field wide so that the plane looks bigger than it really is.

2. I would probably use a longer focal length lens because if you were shooting this for real you would have to be in a separate plane shooting out of the side looking at your subject plane and that would require your camera operator to zoom in towards the subject. This will make keeping the depth of field wide a little more difficult but what your are really looking for is how the lens will flatten the depth of the plane.

3. Also along the lines of thinking about if you were shooting this for real, a camera op would have trouble keeping the shot perfectly steady. You can do this by either moving the camera around while shooting the plane or in post by adding a wiggle to a 3d camera. I would probably do it in post myself just because it saves you having to do all the 3D camera tracking work in your final composite. That being said be sure that you leave plenty of space in your frame to crop in so that you can get the wiggle without having to crop too close into your plane. It also helps to shoot at a higher resolution than you want to deliver the video at so that you have no loss in quality due to the digital crop.

4. lastly add some character to the model plane you have. Give it some scratches and dents so that is seems like it is real and used in the real world.

Hope that helps

Doyle Lewis, Assistant Videographer

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