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DPX Export from After Effects isn't matching!

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Scott O'Hara
DPX Export from After Effects isn't matching!
on Aug 17, 2014 at 8:19:11 pm
Last Edited By Scott O'Hara on Aug 17, 2014 at 8:21:42 pm

Hey All,

Here's my problem.

Have a grade done already in Davinci Resolve. Getting DPX files back from my VFX artist to place back in Resolve and apply the final grade. All is working fine. (So in resolve I have a mix of r3d files and dpx files.)

But, since I'm operating Resolve Lite there is no noise removal. So I want to use Neat Video which I have for After Effects NOT Resolve.

So to do that I'm taking the dpx files that have vfx applied and bringing them into AE. I apply the noise removal, looks fine, then export the dpx file again. I bring back into Resolve and apply the grade and compare it and it's not the same.

It's slightly warmer than it's supposed to be and doesn't match. Now I know it's my fault coming out of AE because I can take the completed dpx file from vfx artist and bring into Resolve, apply the grade and it matches perfectly. So I know it's something I'm doing regarding color management in AE.

I've tried most things (that I know of - and that's not much in regards to color profiles, management, etc.) so I know I'm missing something.

Exposure and all seems to be just fine, it's just the color temperature that's not right.

Any ideas or info about how I should be exporting the dpx file to keep it EXACTLY THE SAME as before would be great.

Attached are two photos of what is the correct look, and the wrong look and the color temp difference I'm getting. These are screen grabs out of Resolve after the grade has been reapplied. It's dark anyway so it's hard to see, but hopefully the difference is evident.

Neat Video wouldn't warm something up like this would it?

Thanks everyone.

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Scott O'Hara
Re: DPX Export from After Effects isn't matching!
on Aug 17, 2014 at 10:46:26 pm

A quick update.

After playing around with it, I've found it is indeed Neat Video that's causing the color temperature to shift.

My thought is, the noise has some color to it (cool) and by taking it out I'm making the warmth in the shot more noticeable, therefore appearing to shift the color temperature of the entire shot.

Maybe this is a setting inside Neat Video that can help with this, or maybe I'll have to try doing the NR after the grade has been applied. Either way I'll have to do some more digging and possibly contact the Neat Video support group to see if they have an answer for this.

Fun fun fun....

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Scott O'Hara
Re: DPX Export from AE - color temp change
on Aug 19, 2014 at 6:33:12 pm

Hello all,

So if anyone is reading this thought I'd update and ask for some help.

Simply put here's the issue:

-Have DPX VFX files 10 bit log ungraded.

-Need to apply Noise Reduction so used Neat Video in AE.

-Upon bringing DPX into Resolve (after exporting from AE) to reapply grade, the color temperature is different (when I apply the grade).

-This temp change ONLY happens when applying Neat Video or another filter i.e. Gaussian Blur in AE.

-Temp change does NOT happen if I simply export the DPX out of AE and bring into Resolve and add the grade. So it's not in the AE DPX export settings...

-WHY is this happening when I apply filters? Anybody have any idea?

Any help would be extremely appreciated!

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eli rezik
Re: DPX Export from AE - color temp change
on Sep 13, 2017 at 8:15:44 am

Hey did you ever manage to solve this? if yes how?

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