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Please read - POV Movie REAL EYES

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Erik von Stroheim
Please read - POV Movie REAL EYES
on Apr 2, 2014 at 2:55:54 pm


we need your help, please have time and read the description.

Greetings from Germany.

Short Info:

First full POV (point of view) movie from Europe. The whole movie is shot in POV style / from main actor Andreas' perspective. It shows a clubbing evening in the life of the protagonist, the relationship to his girlfriend and other friends, his drug consumption and sexual violence.


More Information:

What is this project all about?

„Real Eyes“ is an experimental movie with continuous scenes in real-time and without obvious cuts. It is completely shot in POV style / from ego perspective. You will see the whole action through main actor Andreas' eyes. By means of an elaborate camera system and clever cuts you will get the idea of being a different person yourself.

You will get up together with Andreas, go to toilet with him, you will get to know his friends, his way of celebrating, a real drug ambiance – you will witness the whole process of a single clubbing evening with desperate denouement. Because of the suggestive effect of the ego perspective you will experience the end of the story even more intensely.
At the same time it will be important to prepare the locations in a special way and to search for possibilities to be able to cut the scenes afterward – cuts which you won't see and won't feel. The movie will still flow here and there seamlessly.

In order to raise the psychology of the main character's emotions – like fear, anger and humbleness – a special blink will be applied. Nervousness, tremor during the drug trip and color variations which can appear during a LSD trip will also be included. These visual dysfunctions during alcohol or drug intoxication are usually caused by lacking blood supply of the eyes; in the movie post production features will make sure that the drug trip in ego perspective can really be witnessed.

The movie will also contain binaural frequencies in order to influence the viewer's mind. They won't be audible, but will vary according to the atmosphere that shall be created. Subtle visual flickering will intensify this effect.

In order to increase the authenticity the actors will operate „in the heat of the moment“. There will only be a raw action and speech line (keys) for them, all dialogues will be unscripted, so this will cause, after a few minutes, a feeling of absolute reality.

Thus visual dramaturgical instruments (close-up views, long shots, panning shots), exposition and three-act structures are canceled. The movie will be arranged in a way that everything seems to be real, that you won't be a casual bystander but will be in the middle of the scenes yourself. It will, however, remain true to the artistic instruments, an elaborate post production will make the movie look cinematic. Especially for this reason the rooms will be illuminated with hidden mini spots and distant floodlights.

Even the ambulance men and other participating persons are „real“, thus they are not actors; you will see what these persons usually do, experience and work. The main characters in the movie are educated actors who are able to lead even the unscripted dialogues in a professional way.

How I work:

Thank you,

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