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Mocha AE Track & Paste Issue

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Andrew Akada
Mocha AE Track & Paste Issue
on Mar 15, 2014 at 2:59:00 am

After reading through the forum, I've seen similar issues to mine with slight variances.

I started here: ( but I've found that there are still some persistent problems when I use Mocha AE CS6.

Issue: I'm trying to track a series of beziered solid layers (as masks) overlaid on some fast-moving footage.

As it stands, the entire genesis of this issue began when my 3D cam tracker acted up and I was looking to replicate the technique demonstrated in the following video (, wherein I apply a mask tracker to a specific trouble area to ease the complexity of points being handled by the 3D cam tracker.

When I realized this tool only exists in Adobe CC ( I tried looking for alternatives.

I realized that a better bet was to use something aside from AE's basic point tracker and delved into Mocha AE.

This video outlines the basic technique I followed:

Now, I understand that the media to-and-from AE/Mocha needs to have consistency in order to work (e.g. proper frame rate, resolution, etc).

To the best of my ability I've done this. I even went back and found that one of my split layers I was tracking for was a different rate than the rest of my precomp (23.976 to 29.97). I altered this to make it uniform, re-did my track in Mocha but I still had issues when trying to paste them into the MOV layer in the AE timeline.

I even separated the dual solids that needed tracking into two separate Mocha save files to test each track set individually to see if that would resolve the problem: to no avail.

The moment I paste the tracking data exported from Mocha into the solid layer and/or the MOV layer upon which the track data is based, it immediately removes all effects applied to the layer (or at least seems to deactivate them somehow) and sets the four corner pins far afield from the actual composition - it actually places them far off-screen and doesn't appear to have any effect whatsoever on the solid layer I'm trying to apply them to.

Please help.

I've been working over this all afternoon and it's driving me up the wall. I've re-done the track a dozen times, each time trying to adjust/tweak/correct frame rates and resolution and nothing seems to be working....

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Roland R. Kahlenberg
Re: Mocha AE Track & Paste Issue
on Mar 17, 2014 at 5:23:20 pm

You've not provided sufficient visual description of your problem.

Post images of your tracking spline in mocha. Include a screencap of your search parameters. Post a video of your video. Post a screencap of your AE timeline and effects control panel. Include a video of the post-tracking (composite) in AE.

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Andrew Akada
Re: Mocha AE Track & Paste Issue
on Mar 25, 2014 at 9:44:51 pm

@Roland - Sorry for the late response. I appreciate the commitment. Things have been a bit crazy but as soon as I'm back at my workstation I'll commit some time to visually documenting the issue to better explain my situation. Thanks!

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