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Corner pinning collapse transformation issues

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Greg Sage
Corner pinning collapse transformation issues
on Feb 27, 2014 at 7:44:01 pm

This is a brain teaser of a thing to try to describe, but here goes:

I have main comp where I give a presentation while there's a smaller nested comp showing on a screen within the main comp. Footage is corner-pinned onto that smaller screen. This is all within a simple 2d render with 2d layers... no virtual cameras or anything like that. Pretty basic.

The boxes for preserving resolution when nested don't seem to be doing what I need to get the resolution on the small screen to be full res regardless of any resizing and so on.

The only thing I've found that preserves the proper resolution is using the collapse transformations button.

Problem is, it causes other issues. For instance, if I move the main comp and zoom into the smaller screen to give a 2d version of panning and zooming to take closer look at smaller screen, the small screen becomes misaligned. If I uncheck the collapse transformations, it stays in place while the larger comp moves, but then the resolution gets messed up.

There must be a way to use the collapse transformations or similar to preserve the resolution of the nested comp while getting it to stay put when the larger comp moves... hopefully without resorting to virtual cameras and the like which make it more complex and time consuming.

Perhaps some version of using pick whip to tie certain movements together? Something else entirely?


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Bobby Yarsulik
Re: Corner pinning collapse transformation issues
on Feb 27, 2014 at 8:31:10 pm

I could be completely misunderstanding how this works, but could continuously rasterizing keep the resolution of your corner pin comp?

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Greg Sage
Re: Corner pinning collapse transformation issues
on Feb 27, 2014 at 8:40:27 pm
Last Edited By Greg Sage on Feb 27, 2014 at 8:43:47 pm

After trying dozens of things, I finally got it.

Problem stems from mismatched resolution settings. Footage being inserted into small screen was at 1080, and larger comp was at 720. Nesting with collapsed transformations was going back into original footage layers and moving them along with big comp since collapsed back.

Mismatched resolutions meant that the movement didn't match.

What I finally figured out was to name the old small-screen INSET 1080, then nest it in a new one that matches the resolution of the bigger comp, and call the intermediate comp INSET 720, then do the corner pinning to the new matched resolution comp, and collapse it's transformations into the larger... BUT... NOT to collapse the step between 1080 comp and 720 comp.

Essentially, need to decouple the resolution issue, then recouple for all transformations moving forward.

Brain teaser for sure, but seems to be working.

Got a more complex issue about nested comp with displacement map... but now that I've got a grip on this, I'll tackle it again and see if same concept applies... Decouple the displacement, then recouple for all transformations moving forward.

Not really sure I should be using the preserve resolution when nested check box at all. It doesn't do what I thought it did... only collapse transformations does.

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