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12 or 20 sided object in AE

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Michael West
12 or 20 sided object in AE
on Nov 15, 2013 at 12:42:49 am

Good afternonn:
Is it possible to create a Dungeons & Dragons die in AE?
I hope to have it (in 3D space) roll in and stop, showing the first letter of a word (i.e. 'She').
It's going to be used to make an opening for a play I'm shooting.
I'm studying the tutorials, but just now started the 3D section.
Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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Paul Roper
Re: 12 or 20 sided object in AE
on Nov 15, 2013 at 9:45:14 am

Yes, it can be done, but it's going to be very hard. Each face's angle is offset from its neighbour in all 3 axes; one of these angles is 36˚, and you'll have to do some maths or research to find out the other two.

When working with 3D shapes (you'll want to start with a 5-sided polygon shape layer) I always try to set as many things (position, anchor points) as possible to 0,0. Make your comp square - something like 1000 x 1000. Create your polygons by double-clicking the polygon tool in the toolbar (this will create them in the exact centre) - don't just start dragging out shapes anywhere or you'll end up having to position stuff at really weird co-ordinates. You'll also probably want to move your anchor point to a corner to aid positioning the corners of the polygons at the same point in space. If you're using After Effects CC, use the snapping option.

Having said you'll want to use a shape layer, you mentioned that you're going to want something on the faces, so you'll want to use images instead. Add a pentagonal mask to the image, again by double-clicking the polygon tool, not just randomly dragging something. And make sure your images for those 12 faces are all the same size and shape.

Most 3D programs can create a dodecahedron with one or two clicks. You could probably learn Cinema 4D or Maya in the time it'll take you to create a dodecahedron in After Effects!!

If you do manage to make it (in AE) I'd love to see a final image of it here!

- Paul

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Michael West
Re: 12 or 20 sided object in AE
on Nov 15, 2013 at 1:39:11 pm

Arghh! Math!
Those teachers were right!
Thanks for the help.
I've dabbled with Cinema 4d, so maybe I'll play there.
After I've exhausted myself with AE.
Also, I remember reading somewhere that AE and C4D play well together.
Looks like my weekend has a focus now.
Again, thanks.

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