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Dropped Frames ( 7 seconds).

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Fabrice Renucci
Dropped Frames ( 7 seconds).
on Nov 3, 2009 at 6:13:17 pm

Hi everybody,

I have a FCP project which is in HDV 1080i (1440 X 1080) with a Sony HVR A1.
I'm trying to capture one of the tapes but the capture gets split up into two clips.
The timecode goes on and 7 seconds of frames are dropped without any message coming up.
I have read quite a lot of forums about dropped frames...
When I play back the tape from the camcorder the video appears to be slowing down in that area...

I should probably mention that the camcorder is plugged with a FIREWIRE 400 cable into a Lacie external hard drive. The hard drive itself is connected to a MACbook pro via Firewire 800.
The hard drive was unmounted during capture. No applications are on. Capturing onto the internal drive.

Any thoughts?


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Matt Geier
Re: Dropped Frames ( 7 seconds).
on Nov 3, 2009 at 6:25:02 pm

Hi Fabrice,

I'll post this here - for the sake of others to see my comment --

The likely hood that your storage is too slow is very possible. It may certainly have enough of the needed bandwidth on the wire, but if the storage drives are not able to read/write and respond fast enough, you'll experience this dropped frame stuff.

It could also be attributed to something else, but the storage being to slow would be my first inclination.

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Jordan Woods
Re: Dropped Frames ( 7 seconds).
on Nov 4, 2009 at 5:14:34 pm

If you can successfully drop frames at that exact spot on your tape every time, it is not storage.

Dupe your tape to another tape, or change its format. Take your tape to a dub house and have it transferred to something else. HDV sucks, and your experience with dropped frames on that media is par for the course. There is a reason HDV only came into existence for a couple years or so, and is now on its way out.


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Matt Geier
Re: Dropped Frames ( 7 seconds).
on Nov 4, 2009 at 8:21:00 pm

Good one Jordan -- I concur!

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Eric Hansen
Re: Dropped Frames ( 7 seconds).
on Nov 5, 2009 at 6:31:59 pm

i agree with Jordan. HDV has a way of thinking theres a TC break when there might not visibly be one. this could be due to the tape physically stretching. you can't dub to another HDV tape, because this "gap" will be transferred over. your only option is to either capture without TC, and that usually means capturing though a capture card and not firewire, or dumping to another format like HDCAM. you won't have the original TC anymore either way.

another problem is how you have your camera hooked up to the storage. if you can, connect the storage and the camera to their own firewire ports on your computer. ideally, ports on 2 different busses (one port is on the computer, one port on a firewire card). you could be saturating the firewire buss trying to move a significant amount of data in 2 directions at once. DV could usually do this, but HDV is way more prone to problems even though its the same bitrate as DV.

btw, the missing seven seconds is because of pre-roll. the system needs pre-roll before capturing the next clip. if theres a time code break, FCP cant start the capture again after the break until it finds a sufficient amount of pre-roll


Eric Hansen - The Audio Visual Plumber -

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