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Metasan 2.2 with Intel MacPro

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Metasan 2.2 with Intel MacPro
on Jan 23, 2007 at 10:50:40 pm

Anybody have any luck using the intel mac version of Tiger's Metasan? I'm have real difficulties trying to get a G5 which works great with Metasan 2.2 to work with an Intel based MacPro using Metasan Intel 2.2. The Intel hangs when shutting down, the preference pane looses the liscens data, it won't see the shared storage if the other machine is already up or at all for that matter, just a bunch of problems. I reported it to service but they wanted me to repeat the problems while running a log program to help them sort it out but I'm not willing to risk my project files to experiment with.

Are there any other alternatives besides Apple's xServe?

Intel Mac Pro 3mhz, 8gb ram, apple Fibre card, Kona 3, ATI X1900 video card.

Qlogic 5200

Apple Xserve Raids, 2- 5.6Tb raided together at raid 50

Powermak 2.7Ghz G5 dual processor, 2gb ram, Kona 2, ATI X800 video card, Apple Fibre card

Fibre system on each computer works fine, each computer will see and work with raid when attached through the Qlogic switch when running one computer at a time.

The G5 works as expected and is assigned as master.

The Intel (and this is repeatable) was able to install Metasan, and the Intel would boot but when joined with G5 in San Definition with Raid Volume included, then the error message appears after booting the Intel that states "Metasan not up or is in the process of booting" or something very similar to that message...

If I remove the raid from the San Definition on the G5, remove the Fibre cables from the Intel or G5 then the Intel will boot up, see the san definition and join it without problem, but it will always crash during shutdown and will need to be hard crashed turned off via the button on front of the box.

The only thing I didn't try was making the Intel the master, adding the raid volume to the Intel first and then seeing if the G5 would see it, I didn't try this as I felt the problems with the Intel crashing during shut down might harm the Raid volume's directory.

I've tried this a dozen times with the same results,

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Jeff Bernstein
Re: Metasan 2.2 with Intel MacPro
on Jan 25, 2007 at 7:57:48 am

If I were you, I would give it another try with the Logging feature on. I have never seen MetaSAN blow a drive, even using betas. The fact is that Tiger Technology's support is absolutely phenomenal. They are responsive and timely.

In your case, they can't fix what they don't see. From the extended logs, they can see what is going on. If the logs don't tell the whole story, they can then WebEx into your system as well. What's really cool is that not only will Tech Support get involved, but the engineers typically do as well. They care a lot and it shows.

Thus, I would highly recommend giving this another try so that you can capture the issues in the logs so that they can help you troubleshoot.

If you are using volumes that are >2GB, make sure you follow the special instructions.

Jeff Bernstein

Digital Desktop Consulting
Apple Pro Video VAR
XSAN Certified


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