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VariCam 35 prores and metadata problem

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Marcin Mikolajczyk
VariCam 35 prores and metadata problem
on Apr 3, 2015 at 12:58:20 pm

I have tested for few days Varicam and I have few issues - maybe you guys can share your experience.
I've recorder prores files and AVCIntra and I can't read metadata from files.
Resolve, Avid nor Final Cut can't read reel and proper clip name.

I was trying to record P2Micro and there is an issue with naming files. Main recorder is naming clips differently than Sub recorder.
With workflow which assumes that main is your original file and Sub is for offlines/dailies should be the same.

Anybody had similar impressions?
Best regards

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john sharaf
Re: VariCam 35 prores and metadata problem
on Apr 3, 2015 at 2:43:50 pm

Hi Marcin,

I have successfully read metadata with Abobe Premier and just yesterday tried another reader from Drastic Technologies that works too. Here's a link:

The other platforms are catching up and will be implemented soon.

I'm still having problems reading the AVC-Ultra 4K-444 but the 422 seems to play back. From what I understand my 2.3Gh i7 MBP is not powerful enough. I'm told 6 core is minimum for 4K-444 playback.

As far as clip names, yes, that also does seem to be a problem for me, not necessarily matching in the two recorders, but the naming conventions are like a still camera and can not seem to be reset to zero for a new project. The Alexa-like "A001C001" format seems to nest above that but does not readout on metadata. I've lodged complaints with Panavision and hope to see some improvements soon.

Good luck,


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Marcin Mikolajczyk
Re: VariCam 35 prores and metadata problem
on Apr 7, 2015 at 8:56:53 pm

Unfortunately this forum is not so often viewed :)

I've read files with avid and resolve. I can see picture etc.
The problem is only with metadata... I can see custom file name only in p2 viewer but for Intra files only.
Prores is having Panasonic weird file names and nothing else in file.
I can't understand the idea of Panasonics naming... How can I be assured thet using 3 cameras for 100day of shooting I can't get unique file names for all cameras.

I'm gonna ask guys from panasonic at nab. I'll post results later.

Btw panasonic promised to put firmware update in April. So far nothing...
We're still missing lds and Prores 444.

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Sam Lee
Re: VariCam 35 prores and metadata problem
on Apr 16, 2015 at 3:43:24 pm

I'm very concerned about Panasonic's corporate work ethics. I used their HPX2000-5000 series cam and they couldn't get the PROXY correctly done on the ENG/EFP P2 line right 8 years later. The proxies $$$$$$.MXF will have a limitation of 5 mins and default to the P2 naming convention. If you have your own custom file name (via SDHC metadata upload or logging on directly via the web browser), it will not match up. The proxy will always default to P2's naming convention and the main AVC-I 100 hi res file is your own custom file name. Sadly I have to use the NLE's PROXY (FCP 10.2) to do all the work. Not only that, they still couldn't make their PROXY streaming unified on the same platform. For example: HPX3100 needs 2010 software while HPX5000 is up to 2012-14 software. I have to use two different iPads with different OS version to view it. What a mess.

I don't know if they care if only a few users complain on main and sub recorder file doesn't match up. They sure haven't addressed this with their 2/3" broadcast products. I'll be impressed if it's fixed on the Varicam 35 but doubt it.

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