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23.98 Conform to 60p (59.94) Questions

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Dana Strom
23.98 Conform to 60p (59.94) Questions
on Sep 20, 2008 at 2:11:47 am

Hello, everybody!

I am currently setting up to deliver a 50 min show shot 24p (23.98) Varicam, outputting to a D-5 at 720p 59.94 Drop Frame Timecode.

the entire show was cut in a 720p 23.98 DVCProHD sequence - now we're exploring our output options.

Normally we'd just let the decklink card add a 3:2 pulldown on the way out but a handful of additional deliverable materials (paper-cut, EDL, OMF and annotated shot lists) need to be created and delivered with Matching timecode to that of the tape. Obviously, it's going to be much more efficient to step through a timeline then a tape to get this info, so my questions are these;

Is there any reason NOT to trust FCP 6 (which seems can add a proper 3:2 cadence to 24p footage by dropping it into a 60p timeline) to give us accurate ins? (I understand that clip out points may be off by a frame or two due to the pulldown) We will not be outputting from this 60p sequence but only using it as reference for the paperwork.

If I export a 24p self-contained quicktime and bring it back into a 60p sequence - it seems that a proper 3;2 pulldown is added, so is there any reason NOT to use this for our output to 720p 60 tape?
(the reason for this is to be able to add a few shots of 29.97p stock footage and title sequences without having to do any intrusive frame rate conversions)

If my calculations are correct, the answers to both questions is 'no' but post-production consistently shows me that the theory is rarely the same as the practice.

Please let me know if I can be more clear on anything - if anyone has had problems/successes with this or similar work flows I'd appreciate hearing your experiences.

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Emre Tufekci S.O.A.
Re: 23.98 Conform to 60p (59.94) Questions
on Sep 24, 2008 at 2:51:55 pm

We have been shooting a lot of 720P 23.976 material and integrating them into SD and HD timelines at 60i or 60P inside FCP with no problems. The cross conversion/pull down is very clean.

We just set the presets in advance and tell FCP not to conform (FCP 6) and usually there is very little or no render time.

Also your idea of exporting the footage and re-importing would work for AVID type workflows. Because Avid does not support 720 conversion on the fly we expert a quicktime uncompressed and re import the file into the new project.

You can also do this with After effect. You need to expeort the audio separatly as AE usualy has trouble conforming.

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