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multibridge pro and panasonic varicam AJ-HDC27HE

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emiliano ferrara
multibridge pro and panasonic varicam AJ-HDC27HE
on Mar 16, 2008 at 11:11:12 pm

hi everybody.
i'm from italy then in pal world.
i just purchased a BLACKMAGIC DESIGN MULTIBRIDGE PRO and i edit with finalcut pro 6.
i'm going to start a project for a long documentary film shooted with the panasonic varicam AJ-HDC27HE camera in 720 25p
it's first time i work whit this format then i have some question:
-is possible capture directly from the camera via hd/sdi output?
-wich is the workflow? i mean wich is correct easy setup to use in finalcut?
-how can i, at the end of editing, output pal sd 25i?
-can i output to tape in 25p using hd/sdi out of multibridge to in hd/sdi of AJ-HDC27HE?
-how manage clips shooted in variable frame rate, i mean slow motion or fast motion clip?
tnx in advance.


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john sharaf
Re: multibridge pro and panasonic varicam AJ-HDC27HE
on Mar 16, 2008 at 11:19:54 pm


While it might be possible to import from the Varicam's HD-SDI outputs into the Blackmagic card, it is highly ill advised. This is because the additional wear anbd tear on the camera of rewinding and playing tapes is not kind to the camera. It was not intended for this purpose.

What you want to do is rent a 1200A or 1400 Panasonic VTR for this purpose. The cheapest method would be to do so over a weekend when you could presumably rent it for one day and get three nights and two day's use for the price of one day. In addition, you will have deck control from your FCP.

Also, you'll need to rent the deck again for output onto tape, as the Varicam does not have any means of inputing HD-SDI, only the camera can source the internal VTR.


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emiliano ferrara
Re: multibridge pro and panasonic varicam AJ-HDC27HE
on Mar 16, 2008 at 11:41:36 pm

tnx for the answer john, i know that is better don't use the camera like vtr but my client don't wanna rent a panasonic vtr.
then is it possible capture varicam 720p25 with multibridge pro?


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Matthew Romanis
Re: multibridge pro and panasonic varicam AJ-HDC27HE
on Mar 19, 2008 at 1:17:35 am

Hi Emil,
It should be possible for you to capture via the HDSI out put on the camera, but bear in mind that FCP needs to use an RS 422 port to read time code, all captures you make will have no original time code information, which may be a problem if you have to reconnect any material. Also from the camera you will only get a 720p signal, in some PAL regions this is a difficult size to deal with. The 1200 or 1400 deck (which should be cheaply priced in relation to most decks) allow you to scale the output up to 1080 50i which can be easier to deal with in your post flow in PAL. Don't worry about the 50i attribute as it will be 2 fields of the same scan so effectively progressive.
The current settings for the Blackmagic device are a little odd. You will need to set the encoder device to 59.94hz, but the compressor to 720p @25fps and the frame rate to 25fps in the capture settings in FCP.
I don't know why, but this is the first time in a while that BM have released drivers that are not PAL rates all the way.

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