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Comparing Features of HMC150 vs HPX170 & HVX200

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Isaac Brillant
Comparing Features of HMC150 vs HPX170 & HVX200
on Jan 6, 2010 at 6:26:00 pm


I looked on the boards for the answers to these questions, but most of them are outdated... So if anyone can answer these few questions, I'd appreciate it and it should help any other ppl considering these 3 cameras:

1) Does the HMC150 also shoot in NATIVE 24p like the HPX and HVX?

2) I read that the HVX shoots native 24p but ONLY in 720? (Although - this was from a 2005 post) Is that true, and why is that? Why would any pulldown be needed if recording to cards?

3) Does the HMC150 share the same Focus Assist modes, Waveform, Histogram, and Vectorscope as the HPX and HVX?

4) Am I correct that of the 3 cameras, only HPX has HD-SDI? When would I want HD-SDI, and when would HDMI be a better option? Could I use a consumer HD LCD monitor via both of these outputs, or only HDMI?

5) I read on a post (an old one) that the HVX has "real manual controls" but the HMC150 has "servos." Is that true, and what about the HPX?

6) According to this article by Barry Green,, you lose over half your chroma info when shooting in 720p vs 1080.

So, then in terms of chroma, would shooting on an HVX or HPX in 720p with 4:2:2 still be much better chroma than shooting with the HMC150 with 4:2:0 in 1920x1080, or would it be about the same?

7) Is there any significance in the fact (if this is in fact, a fact) that 1080 for the HMC150 is 1920x1080 but the HVX/HPX's is 1280x1080, and that the HMC's 720 setting is 1280x720 vs the HVX/HPX's 960x720?

8) Do the HVX and HPX have Variable Frame Rates that the HMC150 lacks?

9) This is a really subjective question, but I'm just curious, do you all (who ever's reading this) usually get the full warranty (for example Sagemax's which covers impact and accidental damage) for these prosumer level cameras, or do people get by with the parts&labor warranties?

The reason I'm throwing this question out there is that I found a new highly discounted HVX200 from a reputable dealer, but it's an import so I can't buy a FULL warranty on it and it doesn't have the USA warranty - so I would have to buy a 2 year parts & labor warranty)

Lastly, I made this GB per Hour chart for storage space for the various codecs. Could someone tell me if this is correct? Maybe it'll help others calculate storage as well.:

AVCDH.........1080p (1920x1080)....11 GB/Hr
AVCDH.........720p (1280x720)......11 GB/Hr
ProRes(LT)....1280x1080p...............31 GB/Hr (1280 because it's transcoded from DVCProHD)
ProRes(LT).... 960x720p..................16 GB/Hr (960 because it's transcoded from DVCProHD)
ProRes.........1280x1080p................45 GB/Hr (1280 because it's transcoded from DVCProHD)
ProRes.........960x720p....................23 GB/Hr (960 because it's transcoded from DVCProHD)
DVCProHD...1280x1080p................48 GB/Hr
DVCProHD...960x720p................... 24 GB/Hr

Thanks for your time!!



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