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HMC 150 for Documentary in Challenging Conditions?

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bernard moor-jankowski
HMC 150 for Documentary in Challenging Conditions?
on Jun 22, 2009 at 5:05:59 am

I've just been brought on the shoot a 3 month long form documentary in difficult and challenging conditions in Haiti.

I have never worked with the HMC 150 or with any solid state camera, however I have shot with the all the DVX models in different conditions and and they have never caused me any problems.

I wondering if anybody has worked with the HMC150 in similar conditions?

If so how has the camera handled and what challenges has the SD card work flow if any caused you in the field. I'm a bit old school and worry about the durability the SD cards as well and how to successfully and securely back up and archive shot material in challenging conditions. The idea of carrying a lap-top and external drives in the field worries me...

Any input, tips, and resources or other camera options would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, BErnard

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Trevor Ward
Re: HMC 150 for Documentary in Challenging Conditions?
on Jun 22, 2009 at 2:47:00 pm

I'm curious to see responses here too. I'll be going to India this summer and later this winter. I've shoot a bunch with the DVX100. But to take a laptop is a little bothersome since I'll be very mobile and would like to save the weight of the laptop. I can get a CalDigit mini or G-RAID mini 2 for RAID 1 offloading and backup. But still a lot of extra stuff to carry.

-trevor ward
Red Eye Film Co.
orlando, fl

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bernard moor
Re: HMC 150 for Documentary in Challenging Conditions?
on Jun 23, 2009 at 4:17:12 am

The positive thing is unlike P2 cards the SD cards don't have to be transferred as often as they hold so much media. But the idea of the laptop and multiple hard drives storing all my media being exposed to the elements (humidity, extreme heat), even in Pelican cases worries least through experience I know that careful storage of tapes usually avoids problems.

I checked out the HMC150 at B&H today. As far as the camera body, it would be perfect, I love the ergonomics and it's so light.


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joey williams
Re: HMC 150 for Documentary in Challenging Conditions?
on Jun 23, 2009 at 1:35:29 pm

The camera is very lightweight, so it really is a great traveling camera. I also love the HC SD cards, because I can just pack them away easily. The biggest challenge there is not losing them - they are very small. The workflow is easy with FCP. Not sure what to recommend for you as far as the laptop/harddrive situation. Just depends on your situation. If you really, really don't want to mess with dragging that laptop around, then you could just buy a stack of those HC SD cards, and just hang on to them until you get back and just sell them when you are done.

I love this camera though. Good luck.


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Mehmet caglayan
Re: HMC 150 for Documentary in Challenging Conditions?
on Sep 14, 2009 at 2:45:11 am

I took this camera to Turkey and shot 2 months in various conditions. I used cinebags cb 25 for my travel needs. I also used pelican sd card holder. It can hold 8 cards in water tight hard case. Also, I have bracket 1 from . It holds my wireless receiver. Yes AVCHD is not the best format for your NLE. But I transferred my SD cards to my Mac book pro's hard drive. 16gb holds 99 minutes of 720 24p HD footage. 6x 16gb cards of footage was in my hard drive as backup. I am still going over my footage ( log and transfer is a bitch) so far, I am very happy. It also complements HVX 200 very well. I mixed footage of both cameras.. and only I can tell which is which...

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