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24pA vs. 24pN in post

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Kimberly Holmes
24pA vs. 24pN in post
on Apr 24, 2009 at 9:30:07 pm


I'm finishing a short film with clips previously ingested, the interview was ingested at 29.97 and the b-roll was ingested at 23.98. Experiencing synch problems when taking a 29.97 sequence to DVDSP. The video and audio tracks turn out different lengths and the synch is off. I'm awaiting information on what mode the footage was original recorded in.

I moved all the clips into a new 23.98 sequence. The synch looks good on the DVD, but the director says the footage looks "choppy." Could it be that this is the first time that the 24P "look" is being seen? Since the previous sequence was 29.97?

I'm trying to trouble-shoot and understand where the project may have gone wrong. I think they shot all the footage in some sort of 24P mode (just not certain which one). If the interview was shot at 24pA then the 29.97 ingest is correct (from what I've read here). Can 24pA footage be played back properly in both a 29.97 sequence and a 23.98 sequence? Or did the "remove advance pulldown" box need to be checked to use a 23.98 sequence?

The worst case scenario is that some or all of the footage must be re-ingested. Good thing the film is just 10 mins. long.

If I cannot get answers on which 24P mode was used, is there anyway to figure it out through use of a camera or deck or FCP?

Any help would be appreciated, as the film will be screened on DVD in some venues and still has several film festival appearances coming up.
(an upconverted HDcam version has been screened at larger festivals, and may need to be re-done to fix the synch).

Thank you, Kim

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Noah Kadner
Re: 24pA vs. 24pN in post
on Apr 27, 2009 at 6:16:56 am

I'd restart with the original tapes. Go frame by frame- 24pA is 1 interlace every five frames, 24p standard is 3 then 2. And always capture at 29.97 with advanced pulldown removal. Never ever capture anything from a DV tape at a 23.98 capture frame rate- that throws away random frames.


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