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Playback problem (Can't figure out how it was shot)

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John Schaub
Playback problem (Can't figure out how it was shot)
on May 3, 2008 at 3:15:15 am

I am preparing to edit a music video. The footage was shot with a DVX100 with a RedRock. I have two master tapes. I am digitizing with a VX-1000. The 1000 plays back the 1st tape no problem. Footage plays on a NTSC monitor in Final Cut Pro (5.1.4) just fine. The second tape has given me lots of problems. It will not playback in the vx1000 for more than a few seconds (Only in parts of the tape) without giving me glitches or dropouts.

I took the second tape to work, where I have a pro DVCAM deck, and was able to digitize using FCP. No glitches or drops outs during the batch. I admit, I didn't watch the footage after I digitized. I just took it home on a disk. At home again, I try and playback the footage from tape the second tape in FCP but I can not get stable playback in the Viewer. (also tried After Effects and had same issue)

Out of 16 clips, 8 of them play back with glitches. The others play fine. The glitches look like there is a field miss-match or frame rate issue. No dropouts like I was getting on tape.

I went into AE to try and detect the pull down. tape 1 clips - WWWSW 24pA. Even more mysteries.... I didn't digitize as 24pA... but they playback fine. (not a problem...really just adds to confusion)

THEN... the problem clips from tape 2
I tried to guess the pulldown... WSWWW 24pA ???
I undo pulldown try to playback as 24 and I still have issues. Drop it into a 24 AE comp and I see interlaced fields. I change the pulldown settings... still get fields. Tried them all.

Did similar test in Cinema Tools. No success...

I am stumped. The DP could have accidently switched modes while shooting, but I should be able to figure it out. And I though all DVX modes will at least playback ok from tape and once digitized as DV29.97.

Anyone have any ideas??


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Noah Kadner
Re: Playback problem (Can't figure out how it was shot)
on May 3, 2008 at 1:57:44 pm

I'd go back and recapture- sound like it was a bad digitize. Try to get the camera used to shoot it- the heads will be in better alignment. Run a head cleaner first.


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