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HVX 200 & AJPX 270 vs Canon 5D Mk III

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Matthew Abourezk
HVX 200 & AJPX 270 vs Canon 5D Mk III
on Nov 6, 2015 at 2:57:03 am

Hi all,

I am frustrated by the grain in the Panasonic cameras.

I am a proud owner of the new DVX 200 and I love it. I also own the AJPX-270 and previously owned the HVX-100.

I've been shooting almost exclusively with DSLR for the past three years. A year ago I decided to buy an ENG camera and bought the 270. Although it was like I could breathe again by using a real video camera rather than a cobbled together and difficult to use DSLR, I was SHOCKED at the amount of grain that was present in the 270. I did side by side comparisons in a variety of locations and the 5D out performed the 270 in every way (in terms of image clarity and grain). I shot film-rec and spent weeks researching and experimenting with scene file customizations... literally tried everything I could, and the 5D was cleaner across the board. I even talked Panasonic into sending me the scene files that they use to demo the camera.

After extensive research and finding a lot of people complaining about the 270's grain, I decided to jump ship on the 270 and I picked up the HVX-200

Today I did many side by side comparisons with the 200 and the 270 and I have to say that the 200 is MUCH cleaner than the 270... in some situations the difference is startling with the 200 being the clear winner.

THAT SAID, the 200's image is still really grainy compared to the 5D. Especially in mid tones or where there is a shadow line. The 5D is razor sharp and the 200 looks like sand. Yes, the 5D can't resolve small details as well as the 200, but in general the image from the 5D is better than both the 270 and the 200 (again, in terms of grain).

So I have to ask... WHY is the apparent grain from a mid-level DSLR so much better than a dedicated video camera?

I guess my next option is to start the exhaustive research to try to find the right recipe in the 200 to minimize the grain... but shouldn't the default setting right from the camera already give us a solid general-use image? I'm really confused as to why a DSLR has virtually no grain and the professional video cameras are full of grain. Can anyone help?

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