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Are there any HPX Scene Files for Green Screen?

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matt mcalonie
Are there any HPX Scene Files for Green Screen?
on Feb 21, 2012 at 4:02:24 pm

Might anyone know of any scene files specifically for Green Screen shoots?

I have had poor results (noise) with both an HPX 300 and 370 with a well lit Matthews 20x20 chroma screen. Shooting in 1080p 24 Avc Intra 100. The shots look terrific on site via an sdi out to monitor, but when we get them into AE there's a bit of noise everywhere and even more on the green screen. I have had very good results with these cameras over the past two years with a select few scene files but haven't shot green screen but twice. I must have the camera setup way wrong and/or should be using a digital green instead of chroma green?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Understanding that I need to bring down the detail level, what else needs to be done?:

00005000: 1 ; VFR : OFF
00005001: 30 ; FRAME RATE: 30 FRAME
00005002: 01AB0708 ; (SYNCHRO SCAN):
00005003: 12 ; DETAIL LEVEL: 4
00005004: 8 ; V DETAIL LEVEL: 0
00005005: 13 ; DETAIL CORING : 5
00005006: 7 ; CHROMA LEVEL: -1
00005007: 10 ; CHROMA PHASE: 2
00005008: 9 ; COLOR TEMP Ach: 1
00005009: 8 ; COLOR TEMP Bch: 0
0000500A: 113 ; MASTER PED: -15
0000500B: 16 ; A.IRIS LEVEL: 0
0000500C: 2 ; DRS EFFECT: 3
0000500D: 1 ; GAMMA : LOW
0000500E: 2 ; KNEE: LOW
0000500F: 2 ; MATRIX: FLUO
00005010: 1 ; SKIN TONE DTL : OFF
00005011: 0 ; V DETAIL FREQ : THIN

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Fernando Mol
Re: Are there any HPX Scene Files for Green Screen?
on Feb 21, 2012 at 6:22:58 pm

I think the MATRIX:FLUO is for fluorescent light and it cut the greens. Not what you want.

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Steve Eisen
Re: Are there any HPX Scene Files for Green Screen?
on Feb 22, 2012 at 4:26:04 am

A few things catch my eye:

1. Detail level - Bring Down
2. Detail Coring - Bring Down
3. Master Pedestal - I can't see what you are shooting but you may be crushing your blacks which can add noise to your picture.
4. Turn DRS OFF. This is where a lot of noise is coming from.

Matrix: Fluo is no good for green screen.

Steve Eisen
Eisen Video Productions
Vice President
Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group

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Adrian Jans
Re: Are there any HPX Scene Files for Green Screen?
on Mar 1, 2012 at 10:37:29 pm

I use an HPX170 so this might not translate perfectly to your camera, but personally I like MATRIX: Cine-Like, it over-saturates things a bit, but that does help separate your greens.

I also usually use GAMMA: LOW, but depending on what you're recording and how even your lighting is, B. Press is also pretty good and often the least noisy.

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