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Live Streaming a Music Gig using HVX200

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Scott Hadlington
Live Streaming a Music Gig using HVX200
on Dec 12, 2011 at 6:41:05 pm

Hello, i have been scouring the net for people who are experienced with this type of event and this place seems to contain lots of people who would know.

Normally i just record music using 2 x Profire 2626 audio interfaces, drum mics, vocal mics, guitars etc using a 1394/firewire into a laptop and from there use a digital mixer to mix.

Not long ago i was contacted by the owner of a local media production asking if it was possible to fully record and live stream on location using their website, i told them that it was definitely possible but the limiting factor would be whatever upload speed would be available at any given gig if there was any available at all.

I have been researching into the possibility or using 3g in instances where no net was available and it seems that 3g has come a long way in recent years. Three UK can reach upload speeds of 1.5 Megabits/sec so theoretically i could stream the video with 1000Kilobits bitrate and use a set bitrate for the audio and leave enough room for any overheads.

The bit im not so sure about is the Camera, i have looked around and see that this camera does everything i need it to what im worries about is the Stereo Inputs i need to be certain that i can use the master out on the audio interface (1/2 inch stereo jack) to the XLR inputs on the camera with no loss of quality.

And then there is the matter of actual live streaming with lots of services available im not sure what to go for my preference when watching live streams is Veetle because the HD it offers is very good but since were not gonna be reaching that level until the 4G network comes into effect between 2013 and 2015 im thinking that there might be a better alternative for SD streaming.

Vocal Mic (XLR)
Backing Vocal Mic (XLR)
Guitar (1/2 Inch Stereo Jack)
Bass Guitar (1/2 Inch Stereo Jack)
Snare Mic (XLR)
Standard Drum Mic (XLR)
Standard Drum Mic (XLR)
Standard Drum Mic (XLR)
Kick Drum Mic (XLR)
Overhead (XLR)
Overhead (XLR)

all these mics/instruments audio is sent to

Profire2626 Master
Profire2626 Slave
(connected together using optical cables)

master audio output is sent to

Camera Stereo Input (XLR)

Muxxed Video/Audio is then sent to

Capture Device (Component)

Video/Audio then sent to

Laptop (core i5, 4gb ram, 500gb disk) with streaming software (1394/firewire)

I have tried to be as clear and precise as possible if u need more information please post.

Any Advice would be muchly appreciated.


Scott Hadlington.

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John Fishback
Re: Live Streaming a Music Gig using HVX200
on Dec 12, 2011 at 10:27:46 pm

Checkout KenCast's VAAST (pronounced vast) System. Up to 4 wireless cards can be bonded using their IBIS device to give you a lot of bandwidth. Also, their Central Hub will stream for you and also give you an option for Pay-for-View.


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Scott Hadlington
Re: Live Streaming a Music Gig using HVX200
on Dec 12, 2011 at 10:46:49 pm

That certainly seems interesting, but there is a real lack of information just an image that dont say alot.

No indication of pricing and most importantly no indication that the IBIS device can be configured to upload to a location of my own choosing.

Although if this device could be used to access the internet via a laptop i would be very very interested. there isnt much information so im guessing here but im assuming that neither the device nor the camera applies any kind of compression to the video which may be why you need 4 sims to broadcast in SD but if it can be used with aa laptop compression can be applied to get far more for your money.

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