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fixing corrupted media

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Donato M. Rondinelli
fixing corrupted media
on Mar 8, 2010 at 10:05:51 pm

A producer was viewing footage in FCP's log & transfer. He got a little confused and ejected the P2 card while log and transfer was open. Now he can't see some of his clips from the card. One clip has a missing thumbnail and a dozen other clips will not play video, just a black frame. He was about to copy the card to the drive after viewing, but didn't get that far.

Is there software that can recover after a corruption? Something like disk warrior for FAT?

I opened the card on another computer, same issue. Copied the card to a disk, didn't help either. Can Premiere read the native mxf?


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John Fishback
Re: fixing corrupted media
on Mar 8, 2010 at 10:52:49 pm

The camera can do certain repairs to clips on a P2 card. Some third-party software can do similar. P2CMS probably does, but I don't use that and am not sure. It is quite possible the producer managed to delete yhe files from the drive. You can do that with L&T. If that's the case there's no recovery. Search the Cow for P2 repair. I'm sure many posts will show up.


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Noah Kadner
Re: fixing corrupted media
on Mar 9, 2010 at 2:37:06 am

Yeah try repair clip in the camera. And next time tell the producer to not touch a P2 card until it's backed up! Talk about a shot in the foot...


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Paul Hudson
Re: fixing corrupted media
on Mar 9, 2010 at 4:29:36 am

We had the same sort of thing happen recently. The following was very helpful:

am assuming that you have write protected your card when inserting into the Apple computer. If not, there might be the begining of the problem.

But before you go rearranging things, please contact Panasonic Broadcast Service and ask for guidance. Something indeed has gone wrong, I don't believe it is the camera.

One last idea is to put the card back into the camera, go to the thumbnail mode and do a repair clip. This is under the operation menu.



I went to the thumbnails in the camera viewfinder, clicked on the blanked out clip and did a repair. REPAIR CLIP was greyed out and wouldn't work, but REPAIR CLIP (LOOP) did work. The icons restored in the thumbnails and I was able to upload to my computer through the Final Cut Log&Transfer window. It was a slow process with the beach ball spinning for a while, but it worked.

I've got my footage back and I'm a happy camper.

Please write protect the cards ASAP. Any manipulation through L/T or other where the card is not write protected will do further damage. Just because you're not filming to the card, does not mean nothing is doing a Volume Check/DiskRepair/Spotlight Search Index Do not use the cards if there is empty space on em, you'll be overwriting data. Looks like your cam never completed writing the tail end of the file.


After you do all this (write protect the card), could you output the file-structure on the card in question.

There are a few folders/directories like CLIPS/VIDEO/AUDIO inside the CONTENTS directory.

The Icon in the Log and Transfer is a BMP file on the card (just a still thumbnail). Located in ICON directory, those are 16KB a pop (not 32kb).

You're most interested in (in this order)


2. P2/CONTENTS/AUDIO/CLIPNAME00.MXF (00,01,02,03) - postfix to CLIPNAME for audio channel number.


(the thumbnail you're seeing is P2/CONTENTS/ICON/CLIPNAME.BMP)

And the sizes on those where CLIPNAME is the unique 6 digit name.

Then take a look and see if the MXF filesize is appropriate while the XML is missing or indicating improper length or the wrong clip name.

Basically your camera failed during a write operation to the card. Whether the DATA or the the definitions on where the data is are incorrect.

Meaning something may say, there is only 1sec of footage there, while there is 10 minutes (like the XML)

Or it may say 10 minutes, while the MXF and the FAT32 filesystem report otherwise.

I don't think its a FAT32 filesystem failure, but rather the MXF structure/metadata failure.


If you do a "Get Info" on the volume when the card is mounted, what does Mac OS report as free space/used space on the card?

Just because L/T in FCP report something DUMB does not mean its all gone, L/T and the In Camera thumbnail viewer don't really like "bad data"

and don't know how to handle it - so they just thow up an error. By bad data I don't mean corrupted DVCPRO HD streams, just sillly stuff like XML file errors (HUMAN READABLE in TextEdit).

Or LASTCLIP.TXT missing or other snafu.

If indeed the 00XXXX.MXF in the VIDEO folders are missing, then the entry for them was deleted, while CLIPS/ICONS still exists, then you need a FAT32 recovery tool.

Does not look like they are from the L/T window you posted, but it's pix is too small for me to read - also missing is the preview window from the L/T screen-shot.


Paul Hudson
Phoenix Video Production

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Donato M. Rondinelli
Re: fixing corrupted media
on Mar 9, 2010 at 12:55:34 pm

Great info. I'll look into this today.

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Donato M. Rondinelli
Re: fixing corrupted media
on Mar 11, 2010 at 11:40:48 pm

I tried everything here suggested to the point that I think I'm beating a dead horse. At least it was a lesson well learned...I hope.
Que sera sera.
Thanks for the suggestions,

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