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Please help HPX500 !

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Dennis Clink
Please help HPX500 !
on May 27, 2009 at 7:41:08 am

Hello all

My associate shot footage in 24p standard def and sorry thats all i know on his hpx500 settings. The camera is new to him so he's not sure as to what could be causing our problem.

Our problem is that when we import the clips (which are simply copied video folder from p2 folder to hard drive) and then imported clips from video folder into premiere pro 4) The clips are small in program monitor and require a 30 percent zoom to be applied in order to fill screen. It is as though they are actually a smaller resolution ie. 520X360 with black bars horizontal and vertical. The clip properties say the clips is 720X480.

I do pray that perhaps these clips are beeing importaed wrong perhaps they need to be captured via firewire for example, or are they actually layed down in this format and unretrievable in there intended 720X480 resolution. I downloaded the manual and can not find any settings in hpx500 that would produce these smaller clips which is encouraging, but clearly I could of missed something in the manual.

Please help!

This situation is serious as we have hours of this footage that can not be reshot easily if at all. Zooming is our only option at this point and this clearly degrades the footage as you can imagine.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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Tom Chartrand
Re: Please help HPX500 !
on May 29, 2009 at 12:09:33 pm

Did your associate ONLY copy the video folder? Or did they copy the Contents folder that contained six subfolders plus the lastclip.txt file?

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damion Clinton
Re: Please help HPX500 !
on May 30, 2009 at 8:14:42 am

Hello Tom,
I just got ahold of one of the folders he shot and copied the contents folder and the last clip text file as well. I then navigated to the contents folder/video subfolder and imported mxf clips into a dv widescreen premiere project. Again the clips are this odd size.

Is it possible to shoot widescreen DV on hpx500 and then maybe set camera to shoot letterbox perhaps creating this problem. Again sorry for lack of knowledge camera.

appreciate your responses folks!

Still hoping for a resolution

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Tom Chartrand
Re: Please help HPX500 !
on May 30, 2009 at 10:43:51 pm

I'm not familiar with premiere. Perhaps others are, but in Final Cut if you set up your project, or sequence it will recognize the footage and aspect ratio. Premiere should be able to if you're impporting the footage properly.

This is from Premiere support:

Hope thais helps.


Import assets in Panasonic P2 format

A P2 card is a solid-state memory device that plugs into the PCMCIA slot of a Panasonic P2 video camera, such as the AG-HVX200. The digital video and audio data from the video camera is recorded onto the card in a structured, codec-independent format known as MXF (Media eXchange Format). Specifically, Adobe Premiere Pro supports the Panasonic Op-Atom variant of MXF, with video in DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50 and DVCPRO HD formats. A clip is said to be in the P2 format if its audio and video are contained in Panasonic Op-Atom MXF files, and these files are located in a specific file structure.

The root of the P2 file structure is a CONTENTS folder. Each essence item (an item of video or audio) is contained in a separate MXF wrapper file; the video MXF files are in the VIDEO subfolder, and the audio MXF files are in the AUDIO subfolder. The relationships between essence files and the metadata associated with them are tracked by XML files in the CLIP subfolder.
Note: Adobe Premiere Pro does not support proxies recorded by some Panasonic P2 camcorders in P2 card PROXY folders.

The video and audio on a P2 card are already in a digital form, as if the P2 card were a hard disk, so there is no capture step involved in importing media from a P2 card. The process of reading the data from the card and converting it to a format that can be used in a project is sometimes referred to as ingest.

For your computer to read P2 cards, you must install the appropriate driver, which you can download from the Panasonic website. Panasonic also provides the P2 Viewer application, with which you can browse and play media stored on a P2 card. See the Panasonic website for details:
Note: Files recorded to P2 format may be read-only. To use certain features to modify these files, such as changing a clip's metadata using the Timecode dialog box, you may first need to change file properties, through the operating system, to allow write access.

1. (Optional) Copy the entire contents of the P2 card to a hard disk.

Though it is possible to import assets into Adobe Premiere Pro directly from a P2 card, it is usually more efficient to copy the contents of the P2 card to a hard disk before importing.
2. Choose File > Import.
3. Navigate to the CONTENTS folder.
4. Select one or more MXF files. Do one of the following:

To import video content and its associated audio content, select the MXF files from the VIDEO folder.

To import only the audio content, select the MXF files from the AUDIO folder.
To import a group of spanned clips for a shot that were recorded onto the same P2 card, select only one of the clips in the group. The group will be imported as a single clip with a duration equal to the total duration of all the spanned clips it includes. If you select more than one of these spanned clips, you will import duplicates of the whole group of spanned clips, as duplicate clips in the Project panel.
Note: You cannot import spanned clips from a shot that spans two different cards as a single clip. Rather, you must select a single MXF file belonging to the shot from each card to create a separate clip for the part of the shot recorded on each card. For example, if a group of spanned clips for a single shot itself spans two cards, you must select a spanned clip from the group on card 1 and another from the group on card 2. This will import the contents of the shot into two clips in the Project panel.
5. Click Import.

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damion Clinton
Re: Please help HPX500 !
on May 31, 2009 at 6:40:08 am

Thanks again Tom,

That was very helpful, as it tells me I probably am importing properly.

I oprned a file from clip folder and cut and paste this portion of the text file:
"260 1001/30000 MXF DV25_411 59.94i 01:16:11:20 E700248E 2:3 4:3"
maybe you guys can interpret it for me but it looks like he shot in 4:3 and does 2:3 figure in as to maybe casusing the small letterboxed 16:9 look.

Thanks again Im starting to think were stuck here.
Does anyone have experience with calling panisonic tech support on something like this. Maybe they could just look at the whole text file and tell us what the heck we did here.

Thanks very much Tom and all

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