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Shooting with hvx-200 and kinda clueless

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David Eger
Shooting with hvx-200 and kinda clueless
on May 14, 2009 at 12:23:39 pm

I know this has probably been discussed over and over but...

I am shooting with the Hvx-200 this weekend and I have never used it.
It is a narrative project. We are shooting in one of the HD formats. The editor is using FCP 6 but on a non Intel mac. We only have 1 16gb card and 2 4gb cards. No P2 Store but will have the Mac on set to transfer to. I guess just ingest right into FCP? (he has never done this either)
We will not have the camera until we hit the set on Friday.

so here is the questions. in all the HD modes that camera shoots in DVCPROHD right.. No AVC Intra codecs? and even if I shoot in a 24p mode either 24p or 24PN it is still going to do the telecine in the camera like the DVX right. I am thinking we are delivering on DVD or HDtape (most likley DVD)and he wants it to not look like interlaced video (news reality tv whatever okay look like film) I am thinking we are okay shooting 720p24or30N it doesn't really matter. I know I shoot with the DVX a lot and use 30p because I do not like the stutter but I think it is not there on the HVX right??? any help would be appreciated..


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Steve Eisen
Re: Shooting with hvx-200 and kinda clueless
on May 14, 2009 at 1:59:38 pm

First I will say good luck with your shoot. I do not understand why you waited so long to even ask these questions days before a critical shoot.

No, the HVX does not shoot AVC-I. Your P2 cards will not get you very far. 16gb shooting at 30pn will give you a little over 30 minutes. 4gb will get you 8 minutes. Rent more cards.

This is what I suggest you do right NOW:
Learn P2 workflow even if you are just the shooter. There are a few tutorials online.
Offload your P2 cards to multiple Hard drives, RAID 1 preferred.
Download the HVX-200 manual from Panasonic's website.

Steve Eisen
Eisen Video Productions
Board of Directors
Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group

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David Eger
Re: Shooting with hvx-200 and kinda clueless
on May 14, 2009 at 2:21:09 pm

I get the work flow thing and yeah he is going to try to get some extra cards. I understand that those cards are going to go really fast..
We did not know if we were going to get that camera until last minute for budget reasons (as in he can get it free).

Normally I would play around with it first.
I am more just confused with which format to shoot in. I am leaning towards the 720p24n or 30n since if I need to undercrank or overcrank I can do that. and it will save space on the cards.
we will have an edit system on set most of the time or we will not be to far from it. so I am not to worried there. it is more the format I shoot in.

I guess I am wondering really what advantage I will have shooting 1080i24/30p over 720p24/30pn


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Michael Sacci
Re: Shooting with hvx-200 and kinda clueless
on May 14, 2009 at 8:03:40 pm

Shot 24pN you will get 40 minutes on a 16 GB card and 10 minutes on the 4 GB. If you go to 720p30p still use pN mode, you get twice the record time over 30p.

Also hire an experienced DIT!! There are good ones all around, often I will bring my computer and card adapter so you can be shooting with the camera while recording to the other cards, no extra cards would be needed.

Not only will they help you with the P2 workflow on set they can assist in setting up the camera.

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Bob Holbrook
Re: Shooting with hvx-200 and kinda clueless
on May 14, 2009 at 9:49:34 pm


First, Listen to all of the above, and as Michael recommended Shoot pN.

When shooting with the 200 my experience is that the auto iris is Not so Hot. SO, set zebra to 95 and adjust manual iris with side wheel keeping the zebra lines down to a minimum. This will give you much more head-room for cranking the chroma in post.

Note to that there is a PCMCIA express adapter you can rent, cheap from VER and many other places that allows for Download into a Mac laptop. It's fairly easy and you won't tie up the camera.

Good Luck.

My 2 Cents,


Cajun Bob

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