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Where to repair HVX200 in NY?

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Jose Alvarez
Where to repair HVX200 in NY?
on May 12, 2009 at 1:24:01 pm


The Zoom servo stopped working and a week later
the whole camera system does not boot up.
can not read P2 content and the display does not
show anything.

Baught the camera from time2envy a year ago
and they are not backing me up.

I live in Westchester NY and have no idea
where to bring it for reapair.

any ideas ?

Thank you

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Jeremy Garchow
Re: Where to repair HVX200 in NY?
on May 12, 2009 at 11:28:03 pm

Most likely you will send it to Panasnoic in NJ.


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Steven Cohn
Re: Where to repair HVX200 in NY?
on Jul 24, 2009 at 7:33:55 pm

BEWARE of this phony outfit!!! Call there. Ask them questions about the company. Who owns it, for example? "Can I see your store, please?" You'll really only learn how horrible they are... what a bunch of charletans... if you have a repair.

I strongly urge you to return whatever product you bought from them, if you still can. Read on, and you'll understand darn well why I say this.

This is something that I just replied to Michael Beylus' post on Fujifilm's site... he being the owner of "Time 2 Envy" (whatever that thing is):

"I bought a $5500 HVX200 kit from Time 2 Envy last May. When I opened it, in front of the head of the filmmaker education at SF Film Arts (Michael Behrens), it immediate shorted out. I sent it for repair. It was sent back to me a month later. Foolishly, I let it sit in the box when it came back to me; I didn't need it... and besides... I had a 4 year warranty from Repair Tech! I opened the camera the other day, and I'm having the SAME EXACT problem, as if the camera were never repaired. The camera is a lemon and has been since day one. Very saddening.

The good thing is... I'd gotten a warranty! I called Time 2 Envy to send it back in to Panasonic... since I have a 4 year warranty, right? Not so. "Repair Tech, the warranty company, went out of business, and, since it's been 14 months since you purchased the camera from us, we can't help you. Call Panasonic. Have a nice day; come again soon." Panasonic has no record that Time 2 Envy ever sent it in. Why? It turns out T2E doesn't even send repairs to Panasonic's centers! They lied to me about this. Now, they won't give me ANY info about the repair.. not what was done or even WHO did it. The manager, Jim Buck (extension 512), actually had the gall to insinuate that I was saying that you had never done any repair at all. "What do you think we did when we brought your camera in... just sat on it?!?"

Come to think of it... I imagine that's not far from what you DID do. I hadn't thought about that possibility... that you'd done nothing at all. I appreciated that heads up from Jim.

Both Regina and Jim told me that they're not authorized to give out any information regarding the repair. "Why?" I asked. "Because those are the rules." He's not authorized to tell me why he's not authorized. Neither he nor anyone else in customer service is authorized to give me the name of the owner either, Mr. Beylus! I had to Google quite a bit until I found out who you were. I've already filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Andrew Cuomo's office. This was an EXPENSIVE camera and they won't stand behind it.

I have my part in this fiasco. First off, I didn't do enough research on you. I looked at your 99.1% eBay rating. Foolish me. Those ratings are given before people have to send their defective cameras for repair and find out that they have no warranty! I should've checked you out. I would've found that you're some store front somewhere in Brooklyn and that you frequently change addresses. You're KNOWN by Panasonic, by the way, as a disreputable dealer. The Better Business Bureau already has complaints against you.

It's one thing to screw me... but to tell me that you CAN'T EVEN TELL ME WHO REPAIRED MY F-ING CAMERA?!? Give me a G-ddamned break! Loser. You must take me for a total fool. So... I will not rest until I spread the word FAR AND WIDE about your unscrupulous business practices. I'll make sure that you lose your eBay customers. I'll post this story on every single camera bulletin board/blog that I can find. Anything on the web that says Time 2 Envy will also have my story on it... or I'll email the site owner. If I have to spend more money than the price of the camera prosecuting you... or if I have to get one of those TV shows to march into your business (if they can ever even find it)... I'll do whatever I have to to see that your reputation is destroyed for doing this to me.

The other thing I did that was stupid was that I didn't test the camera out when you sent it back to me. HOWEVER... I had a warranty, and I didn't even think twice of it. You see, Mr. Beylus... I am EXACTLY the kind of customer you lick your chops at: A naive, first-time buyer of high-end electronics. I will never, never, never in my life make this same mistake again. Time 2 Envy.... puh-leeez!!! More like Time 2 Regret.

Or Time 2 Vomit.

All I have to say to the public is: BEWARE!!! You get what you pay for with Time 2 Envy."

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