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JAN: P2 File structure question...

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Chris Clephane
JAN: P2 File structure question...
on Feb 26, 2009 at 9:16:36 pm


Is there a particular reason the P2 XML files are "locked" by default?
If so what are the issues with "unlocking" them?

We are trying to use P2CMS with P2 data files that are stored on a network share. (OSX 10.4.11 server workgroup.) For speed/safety, video/files are offloaded to a local machine connected to the camera, and then the data is copied from the local machine onto the network share using the P2CMS in a second transaction.

The "2TB_P2CMS" shared volume appears on our desktop and the P2CMS folder containing all of our previously shot P2 footage is available to any of our workstations. The volume is RAID-6 protected. We like to keep our footage accessible year-round for ongoing projects and multiple uses.
So for clarity...we are trying to use the network volume a) to keep data in one master DB and 2) to avoid having to equip EVERY one of our workstations with costly protected/fast storage.

The problem is that: While we can copy data to and from the network share with no issues...AND we can use the P2CMS viewer to open and view the files/data, etc with no issues )...the LOCKED XML files seem to be causing us problems.

When we open a clip with the viewer or attempt to edit the metadata of any clip stored on the network share...we receive the following message:

"XML File cannot be updated. [/Volumes/2TB_P2CMS/P2CMS/Slip_45/000319/CONTENTS/CLIP/000319.XML] cannot be saved. Please confirm if it is locked."

When the clips are on a local issues...but once transferrred to the server...the locked XML files create error messages.

Now my SIMPLE solution to this problem is to issue a terminal command that simply UNLOCKS all files on that particular network share. (Single root user command issued at the top level directory (P2CMS) that changes all flags to UNLOCKED.)
......And then simply issue this command every time we upload new footage.

BUT...that concerns me. Why are the filed "locked" in the first place?

FYI: I have set the rights and permissions so that the files and all related subfolders/directories, etc on the 2TB_P2CMS Volume are READ/WRITE by anyone.
I have tested this....Going into the P2CMS folder and examining individual clips, etc....I can highlight/GET INFO on ANY of the XML files on the network share and manually UNLOCK them usigng the3 Mac OS "Get INFO" dialog.
Point being... I don't feel this is a typical run of the mill rights and permissions issue.

SIMPLE SUMMARY: The data works fine when it is local. But gives us the "locked XML" messages when it is on a network volume. My tests and configuration of rIghts and permissions imply this should not be an issue. Does the P2CMS application have a built in limitation or bug?

Is anyone aware of issues in the 10.4 Server OS with locked files on the server?


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Noah Kadner
Re: JAN: P2 File structure question...
on Feb 27, 2009 at 12:38:36 am

That sounds a network sharing violation issue related to OSX not P2. Sometimes you think you've reset permissions and they just don't take- at least not without cracking open terminal. Which I'd never recommend fussing with on your original media.

Instead, I'd suggest keeping P2 volumes you want to access directly on a local drive. For networked media use raylight and go MXF or ingest on the local machine and provide .MOV files to the shared storage.


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