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Import problems with P2 cards

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Magee McIlvaine
Import problems with P2 cards
on Feb 6, 2009 at 4:18:01 pm

To Creative Cow users:

Thank you in advance for your help.

I have been using the Panasonic HVX with p2 cards for a while without problems.

Recently however, I began having difficulty digitizing the footage from the cards into FCP (I edit primarily with FCP). Note: I have the must updated driver for the Dual Card Reader.

Problem 1: I used the P2 Duel Card reader. It opened up fine on my desktop. I copied over the contents of the card onto a harddrive. I then opened up FCP and used Log and Transfer. The first time, it automatically filled out the information for the P2 card volume that was plugged into the computer with the Dual Card reader. However, it had an error in the digitizing process and didn't finish. Ever since then, FCP will does not 'see' the Volume. I even tried linking it back to the volumes that had been copied onto a different drive. It wouldn't see those, leaving me with the P2 volumes, but unable to open them up/convert them to usable/editable files.

Problem 2: So I tried a different approach. I didn't want to use the Dual Card reader again. So I hooked up the camera to the system via firewire. This time, the camera won't show up on the desktop (with that configuration) like it normally would/has done for me in the past. So again, I am unable to access the files on the cards.

I am not sure whether this is a problem with the card reader, the cards themselves, the camera, FCP, or my computer. I am using an older 17in macbook pro. Any thoughts, advice, direction would be greatly appreciated!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Shane Ross
Re: Import problems with P2 cards
on Feb 6, 2009 at 10:24:44 pm

Do you mean the Duel Card ADAPTER for the MacBook Pro? Or some external card reader? I don't have the Duel, but from my understanding, if you are running Leopard you should NOT install the driver for the Duel, just the P2 card drivers.


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Magee McIlvaine
Re: Import problems with P2 cards
on Feb 7, 2009 at 5:18:33 am

Hey Shane
Thanks for the quick response. I am not running leopard. And yesit is the Duel Card Adapter for the Macbook Pro.

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Billy Morocco
Re: Import problems with P2 cards
on Feb 8, 2009 at 2:51:15 am

This is my lucky (or is it unlucky? day).

I just worked on a P2 shoot that as not my own (meaning a little more pressure). And I just responded to the top post in the forum regarding the import application.

Your post brings me to the question I was just settling in to search about.

It seems that, when I am on location, and I load a card onto EXT. HD. When I go into FCP to show the director the shots - the Log & Transfer pulls up the clips very fast.

Now, hours later, I start up FCP at home to confirm my transfer to other drives. And IT SEEMED I was unable to see ANY clips in Log & Transfer.

I say SEEMED, because it also seems that they just take longer (5-10 minutes) to load.

I already faced a few problems on this shoot (two cameras, and one was shooting 24, the other 30!). And I had to change out my RAM.

But I cannot figure out why Log & Transfer seems almost immediate once; then takes so long, later on.

I am wondering if having a card plugged in (via Duel Adapter) somehow "helps" FCP?

I know this sounds ridiculous. But I am searching here for what could be wrong. I keep wavering between thinking everything is fine (when the clips show up), and thinking I've erased valuable footage (when nothing seems to show up in L&T).

looking for answers, trying to be helpful along the way.

Bill M

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Billy Morocco
Re: Import problems with P2 cards (DELAY)
on Feb 8, 2009 at 3:30:36 am

Just thought I should show I'm doing some due diligence.

Regarding the delay before seeing any files in Log & Transfer: I DID have FX Factory installed when I first touched P2 footage. But I got rid of it.

I can no longer find any remnants of it on my system.

Again, beside that delay, the files work fine in FCP; I can capture into bins with no problem.


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dave neyman
Re: Import problems with P2 cards (DELAY)
on Feb 8, 2009 at 5:34:03 pm

When you have the P2 card in the Duel Adapter and load up FCP and Log and Transfer, it automatically reads the P2 Card data. It is very fast since it is using the express port. When you transfer the data to an Ext HD and load it into Log and Transfer it will take a little longer since it is limited to the interface speed. I.E. USB 2, FW 400, etc. You could also have a slow HD (5200 RPM) which would slow it down as well. I make it a habit of doing the following:

1. Transfer the data from the P2 card via the Duel Adapter to a Raid 1 system (7200 RPM minimum)

2. Eject the P2 card

3. Load the data in FCP Log and transfer from the Ext HD to make sure it reads okay.

4. Reformat the P2 card and continue shooting.

My rule is to make sure the data is in at least 2 places before blitzing the P2 card. The Raid 1 does this. Sometimes I will also dump it to a 3rd place (Media Drive for the editor) before blitzing.

Best of luck

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John Murphy
Re: Import problems with P2 cards
on Feb 8, 2009 at 8:56:58 pm

Funny you should mention this problem. I was working on a project on the road. All the project files and media were on an external hard drive. When I connected the Duel Adapter to my MacBook Pro (4 gig ram), the P2 icon immediately appeared on the desktop. I opened FCP and tried to import the P2 contents through Log and Transfer. It took 10 minutes for Log and Transfer to recognize the card. Not good. However, P2CM could recognize the P2 card without a problem. So the trouble shooting began.

First, restarted the MacBook and used the Panasonic PD170 camera as the card reader and once again the card appeared immediately on the desktop. Once again P2CM could read the card without a problem but it still took FCP at least 10 minutes to recognize the card.

Next, I switched to my other MacBook Pro (earlier model, no firewire 800 and only 2 gigs of ram) and ran through every combination and permutation of card readers, order of software loading, external hard drive connections (firewire, USB, eSATA Raid 1). I dried other external drives. I tried using the internal drive. I even reloaded Panasonic's P2 card driver software v.2 and ran all the options for a thrid time.

Then, I used Disk Utility, TechTool Pro and Disk Warrior to repair permissions and verify all internal and external drives. No change. It was still taking 10 minutes for FCP to see the card.

Now the story gets crazy. I got back to the office and set up both systems to scrutinize the problem once again. But now FCP worked perfectly - FCP recognized the P2 card immediately. I tried to replicate the problem by trying every combination and permutation of hardware and software on the same two MacBook Pro editing systems. I could not duplicate it the errant behavior.

After reading this entiere thread, certainly there is something rotten in Denmark - what it is seems to be a mystery. Jeremy suggests using the combo software update to move from Leopard 10.5.5 to 10.5.6. It can only help but how do you troubleshoot a problem that is no longer showing itself? We may never know. Uncertainty is a principle. Sigh.

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