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which raid to use?

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goro toshima
which raid to use?
on Dec 29, 2008 at 2:10:15 am

hi all,

i'm starting a long form documentary (about 150-200 hours of footage shot on p2 card-hpx170) and am trying to figure out backup system.

my plan is to use caldigit element for media drive and owc drives for backup.

any suggestions on what raid to use for these?
originally, i was thinking raid 0 for caldigit and buy 2 separate backup drives.

now i'm thinking raid 0 for caldigit and buy one owc mirrored raid 1 drive...or maybe raid 1 for caldigit and raid 1 for backup.

and raid 5 is also an option.

thanks for any and all advice.

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Dave Neyman
Re: which raid to use?
on Dec 29, 2008 at 4:23:05 am

I am partial to the Sans Digital. I buy the raid enclosure...

The I use the trays...

Then I buy a load of 750 SATA drives and label them A & B and away you go. I have three of these units and they have worked flawlessly for loads of data.

Sans Digital also sells a single drive reader so I can archive one of the drives and read the data off of the other one. They also make a raid 5 option that Newegg sells as well.

The reality is that any setup you choose will work as long as you have it set up as a raid 1 for redundant backup.

My rule is that the P2 data MUST reside in TWO places before I reformat the card. The raid 1 does that.

I also recommend Shotput P2 for dumping the data from the card to the drives.

Best of luck

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goro toshima
Re: which raid to use?
on Dec 29, 2008 at 6:11:07 am

thanks for the info...


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Jon Schilling
Re: which raid to use?
on Dec 30, 2008 at 12:40:52 am

Really, you need to ask yourself a number of questions when considering an investment in a RAID.

1. What is my time worth? Is it really worth the hassle of a DIY RAID?

2. How many different pieces of hardware am I looking at? Is the controller card made by the same company as the chassis for single vendor support? Does the chassis have modular design for easy upgrading or replacement of parts?

3. How is the support? What happens if I run into problems? Am I going to get the run around?

4. Does the storage provider you're considering dealing with REALLY KNOW & UNDERSTAND all the different aspects of VIDEO? Do they ask the right questions?

All of this is what sets us CalDigit apart & head & shoulders above the competition.

Here's a typical scenario of someone that ended up buying a CalDigit solution & BEING VERY HAPPY WITH IT, after the hassle of a DIY or ME TOO storage solution:

Bought CalDigit after buying & a DIY solution - COW thread

Call us, experience the difference of a true single vendor support product line, with everything needed in one box.

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Nate Stephens
Re: which raid to use?
on Jan 3, 2009 at 10:59:26 pm


I decided to be brave and save a lot of money. Yes, I was planning on backing everything up to single hard drives... so a raid 5 is not so critical.. So I went in search of budget raids and found it at Addonics .com, yep you have to assemble it your self. The enclosure for a four drive raid is under $200 (about 170 if I remember correctly) and the raid card is under $200 also. This is port multiplier technology and it is working great. I just added sub $100 Western Digital 500gb satas to it and everything was well under a grand US. It has been up and running since July. The only problem I have had is when I was in the rack behind the Mac and the raid and knocked the sata plug. The sata plugs are not real impressive by nature and knocking it loose. knocked the raid out. So I have had to do one data rebuild in 6 months.. not bad for under a $1,000 bucks for a 2 TB raid.

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