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Another Frame Rate "Hack" Question

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Phil Yunker
Another Frame Rate "Hack" Question
on Sep 10, 2008 at 12:42:37 pm

Hello, sorry to bring this up again, but there is one step I'm not totally clear on. Below I have copied the procedure from an earlier posting, in step two (2) it says:

"2) Open the scene file text file in the PRIVATEMEIGROUPPAVCNSBGP2SD directory, called SCENE1.TXT (or scene2.txt, scene3.txt, or scene4.txt) using a text editor like Windows Notepad "

So in this step just open the file in a text editor, such as Apple's TextEdit, and change the appropriate number, save, load file into camera and start shooting? That easy?
And yes I understand that this is not supported by Panasonic and results could and may vary...



Here's the procedure:

1) Get a scene file text file on an SD card, usually by going into menu 8, CARD FUNCTIONS, and saving scene files to your SD card.

2) Open the scene file text file in the PRIVATEMEIGROUPPAVCNSBGP2SD directory, called SCENE1.TXT (or scene2.txt, scene3.txt, or scene4.txt) using a text editor like Windows Notepad

3) Look for the next-to-last item in the scene file. Here's what a sample scene file text file looks like:
00005000: 8 ; DETAIL LEVEL: 0
00005001: 8 ; V DETAIL LEVEL: 0
00005002: 8 ; DETAIL CORING : 0
00005003: 8 ; CHROMA LEVEL: 0
00005004: 8 ; CHROMA PHASE: 0
00005005: 8 ; COLOR TEMP: 0
00005006: 16 ; MASTER PED: 0
00005007: 8 ; A.IRIS LEVEL: 0
00005008: 1 ; NEWS GAMMA: OFF
00005009: 0 ; GAMMA : HD NORM
0000500A: 0 ; KNEE: AUTO
0000500B: 0 ; MATRIX: NORM
0000500C: 1 ; SKIN TONE DTL : OFF
0000500D: 0 ; V DETAIL FREQ : THIN
00005010: BE026801 ; SYNCRO SCAN :

That next-to-last item is:

You can ignore everything after the semicolon; the semicolon indicates that it's a "comment" and will have no bearing on anything else (so, in this example, the part that says "; FRAME RATE: DEFAULT " is useless, it affects nothing, it's just there for human-readable description).

So the relevant part is:
0000500F: 0

The only thing you would want to change is that last number (in this case, "0"). To get different frame rates, use one of the following numbers:

1 = 2fps
2 = 3fps
3 = 4fps
4 = 6fps
5 = 8fps
6 = 10fps
7 = 12fps
8 = 14fps
9 = 16fps
10 = 18fps
11 = 20fps
12 = 22fps
13 = 23fps
14 = 24fps
16 = 26fps
17 = 27fps
18 = 28fps
19 = 30fps
20 = 32fps
21 = 34fps
22 = 36fps
23 = 38fps
24 = 40fps
25 = 42fps
26 = 44fps
27 = 46fps
28 = 48fps
29 = 50fps
30 = 52fps
32 = 54fps
33 = 56fps
34 = 58fps
35 = 60fps
36+ = repeat of sequence from 50fps to 60fps

So, for example, if you wanted to get a frame rate of 2 FPS, your modified line would look like this:

And if you wanted 44 fps, it would look like this:
0000500F: 26 ; FRAME RATE: DEFAULT

(don't try higher than 35; I tried 36 and it set it to 50fps, 37 set it to 52, so I think it just repeats 50-60 for all fields set higher than 36)

4) Save your modified text file back onto your SD card

5) Put the SD card back in the camera, go to CARD FUNCTIONS, and read the scene files into the camera.

Now, when you go to the appropriate scene file, you'll see the new frame rate there. But be aware, the only way to assign these "nonstandard" frame rates is through the SD card. If you use the menu to try to change the frame rate, you'll lose it -- it'll immediately jump to 60, and then only allow the normal rates to be selected. You'd have to re-load the scene file from the SD card in order to re-establish your "nonstandard" frame rate.

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Richard Webb
Re: Another Frame Rate "Hack" Question
on Sep 10, 2008 at 4:44:53 pm


what's the difference in hacking the scene file for 2fps and shooting 2s in "interval" mode?

also, i see everyone is using the 350.0 shutter with the frame hack. is this for low light performance? can you get the 350.0 shutter in 2s "interval" mode?


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jarrod Allen
Re: Another Frame Rate "Hack" Question
on Nov 18, 2008 at 4:51:17 pm

im not sure exactly what the difference is between shooting interval 2f compared to 2fps hack.
i do know that when shooting in interval mode it has to be set to video mode. you cannot shoot in film mode.
the shutter speed is now calculated in fractions and seems to not open up as much as 360 degrees. i could be wrong.

also when shooting interval 2f at 30fps it will play back in a fast motion. you will have to slow it down in post.
film mode with the 2fps hack seems to play back in the speed it was shot in. it also is controlled on and off with the record button compared to using the menu toggle stick and selecting stop record that way.

i hope i helped. if i didnt im sure i will get corrected and we will both learn from this.


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