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Flash looping question

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Seth Burke
Flash looping question
on Jul 18, 2013 at 2:22:21 am

Sorry, I'm not a flash person, so this is probably a rookie question.

I was given a link to an FLV that is currently on a server.

I imported this video via the link into Flash 5.5.

When I test it: It fits right, it plays right, but it doesn't loop. It just finishes playing once, then pauses on the first frame.

Currently using Flash 5.5, the video link is in FLV format.
Mac 10.6.8

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demetri tashie
Re: Flash looping question
on Jul 18, 2013 at 1:51:48 pm

what happens when a video is completed ( stops, returns to first frame and stops, shows a poster image, or loops from the beginning...) is controlled by the video player that plays the FLV/F4V.

by default, players( that is , the basic FLVPlayback component supplied, not custom built ones) just stops on the last frame when the video has completed. most developers/designers choose to direct the player to do something else.

the player that you are using is probably coded to return to the first frame and stop, to await the user to start it again if desired. looping video can be seenas a distraction or a nuisance, depending on its usage. it does of course have its place.

the basic idea is this. you will have to do some coding, so i suggest you get familiar with the basics.

- the video player has an instance name ( for instance, i always call mine: 'flvPlayer')
- the video player is given a 'source' - the locataion of the video it will play
- the video player is directed to autoplay or not
- an 'eventListener' is added in code to the player, to be able to notice when the video is COMPLETE, then it can be directed to do something ( like loop) by calling a function
- the function is written to tell the player to:
- seek(0) - which means to seek, or go back to frame 0 - which is the beginning
- play() - which tells the player to play ( and since it is 'reset' to the first frame, it will play from the beginning, effectively looping the video

here is some complete code which would handle that:

flvPlayer.source = "myVideo.f4v";

flvPlayer.addEventListener(VideoEvent.COMPLETE, loopThisVideo);

function loopThisVideo(event:VideoEvent):void

i hope that helps

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