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Creating interactive presentations

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Alistair Gallop
Creating interactive presentations
on Nov 8, 2012 at 1:12:18 pm

Hi everyone, first off I am a complete newcomer to Flash and I want to see if this is the software that suits my needs.

I have been making a range of animated videos in After effects which I publish as vids and use on web. I am now interested in incorporating this into presentation format so that the animations can be used to tell a live story.

Let me give you an example; Lets say I start talking and the presentation screen would display a cartoon character kicking a ball up and down (or something repetitive like that) which would loop until I clicked to move on with my story. At this point the loop would end and he would walk off the screen and the animation would move onto the next stage.

This is a simple example of what I am looking to do, essentially the ability to loop mini animation sequences that could be controlled by clicking to decide when to move on with the story.

I havent really seen this done and would love to know the best software to make this possible. Ideally something that would allow me to still animate in after effects? This would save me having to learn software completely from scratch.

Any views, tips, links to articles etc would be very helpful! Thanks in advance.


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demetri tashie
Re: Creating interactive presentations
on Nov 11, 2012 at 5:29:49 pm

hi alistair,

Flash is a good choice to do something like this. there are of course many different ways to approach this.
take a look at this simple example.

to begin,when you are ready for the first/next animation to enter and begin its loop, hit 'enter'. when you are ready for it to exit, hit 'exit'. when ready, hit 'enter' etc.

in this example, each animation is a MovieClip with its own timeline. the MovieClip's timeline makes use of FRAME LABELS. ( in this case, and in this order: 'in', 'bounce', 'loop', 'out' 'end' )

through a mix of using of ENTER_FRAME events, and logic statements ( IF/ELSE especially), the MovieClip is told to play. then, because it is listening as it enters each frame, you can begin the loop ( in this case the ball bouncing up and down...) .

clicking the 'exit' button takes you out of the loop and plays the 'out' animation. when yo are ready,start the next one.

the 1 frame main timeline has these MovieCilps on it: 'blackBall', 'redBall', 'enter_btn' 'exit_btn'

here's what the MovieClip's timelines look like: see it here

and see the code: see ithere

this code was thrown up pretty quickly. it can be written better, and more concisely, and there are a few extraneous things there. nonetheless, it should help you see the possibilities.

if you have specific questions, pease ask

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Alistair Gallop
Re: Creating interactive presentations
on Nov 12, 2012 at 9:23:43 am

Thanks for your reply Demetri, that is exactly what I am looking for so it is definitely Flash that I am looking for!

So... as they are mov clips being used I could create these in after effects right?

I think I will run through a Flash course on just to get up to speed and know my way around and then get cracking. Do you know of any tutorial sites that will be a good resource for this kind of thing?

Thanks so much for your help!


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demetri tashie
Re: Creating interactive presentations
on Nov 13, 2012 at 4:06:58 am

i am not the best one to comment on AE exporting . Maybe someone in the AE forum could answer better. I don 't think that AE will export a Movieclip. however they can export the animation as a swf.

if exported as a swf, the same concepts would apply as i outlined - however the process is a little different. you would need to use a loader, and load and unload the external swfs as needed, instead of calling on the MovieClip symbols.

you will need to learn about loading external swfs, and also communicating to external swfs. there is enough info out there for you to find. although they are old at this point, here are 2 tutorials on external swf/communicating to external swfs that i did that might help you out: here and here

let me know if you have any other specific questions

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